Speaker cable suggestion for Pass Labs XA30.5

Budget $500. I currently have Nordost Heimdall XLR ICs from DAC to pre to the amp. Looking for clarity and dynamics. Thanks.
BPT may be a good fit with Pass; the ICs and PCs are in my system. Whether they hit your pricepoint will depend on needed length, of course.

The Tellurium Q blue or black cables are my favorites. Beautiful resolution and great dynamics. They do everything very well
Thanks for the suggestions.

It seems BPT-7.5LN might fit into my budget (well they only have 2 types and the other higher level one is way out of the budget). John, may I ask what Pass gears do you have?

Tellurium Q sounds intriguing to me. But not as easy to find as BPT. Currently I think my system is really hampered by the speaker cables (I'm using Tributaries 12 gauge ones, $3-4 a foot or something like that). Hi Alan, Is Black the way to go? Or Blue might be good enough too?
I use Harmonic Technology cables with my Pass XA160.5 amps. They are short and thick as Pass recommends and I have found them to be a very good value. You should be able to find a used pair at your price point. I use the Pro 9 speaker cables, 1.5M length.
I use Clairvoyant ICs and speaker cable with my Audionet VIP G2 > Pass labs XP-20 > XP160.5 > Wilson Sasha,they are very natural sound and dynamic.The price is very reasonable.
I suggest taking advantage of Alpha-Core's free trial offer, and try the Goertz MI2's.
Kzhtoo: I have the Pass Int-30A. I will eventually add BPT speaker cables to my system to go with my ICs and PCs, so as to have all BPT wires. I suggest giving Chris a call. John
Thanks all the suggestions. I will do a research on every single one of them.

Question again for jdoris, do I need BPT ICs if I go with their speaker cables. I currently have Nordost Heimdall ICs and I do not have plan to change them.
Auditorium 23
A23 has rave reviews. But where do I buy them? Seems so hard to find them.
I'll 2nd the recommendation for Harmonic Technology cables. I have the Pro 9+ (bi-wire). Nice cables.
Pro 9 plus is a discontinued product? I only find pro 9 reference SE which is out of my range at $1000+. I'd like to keep it somewhere around $700.

Anyone familiar with Kimble 8TC?
You can buy A23 cables from Matt @ PitchPerfect Audio.

They worked extremely well with a FirstWatt amplifier I had fyi.
Keith, thanks much for your info. I was worried about A23 matching with SS because I read somewhere that they were designed specifically for Shindo gears by Keith Aschenbrenner of Auditorium 23.

If it works well with First Watt amp, it must also for Pass Labs class A amp that I have.

Would you care to share your experience with A23 vs. other cables?
I'd second the suggestion to talk with Chris at BPT. I've heard everything he makes, and it's all very high on the price to performance ratio. Speed and transparency is how I would describe them.

heaviest solid core copper you can find, give it about one hour of heavy massage and it opens up, you`ll never look back

speakercables can never be "too big", only restricting power giving poor dynamics
MIT has dis continued 4 of it's lines. Great deals out there on AVT CVT Terminator and Shotgun.
I have had the heimdall and the TYRs, the Morrow Audios blow both away. I also have the XA30.5, give them a try.
Kzhtoo- I find the A23s not super detail oriented and therefore found they work well with SS. I also used them to great effect with McIntosh.

They seem very natural- perhaps could be that they are a blend of copper/silver as I recall. I certainly wouldn't spend more on cables. Just my 2 cents though.
Thank you all for the suggestions.

Which Morrow Audios speaker cables you find outperform Heimdall? I'm currently using Heimdall ICs and was thinking of Heimdall speaker cables as well.

I find my XA30.5 a little warm, liquid, smooth and seductive. I'd like to pair it with a revealing neutral cable that has some oophm for bottom end. How's the bass on A23?
Make your own. You can get bulk audionquest cable of various types plus connectors.