speaker cable suggestion

speakers: thiel
audioquest valcano or cardas reference?

I would recommend the Cardas if only limited to the two choices. As an alternative, the Jena Labs Twin 11's (which I sell) would be marvelous as well.
Thiel 2.3's
Pass Labs x-250
Harm Tech Pro-9's

Match especially well with the Pro-Silway II
I would recommend the Audioquest. As my alternative I can only strongly advice you to look into the HMS Grand Finale cables (I have become their importer). They can compete with all the super top cable brands for far less money.

Christian Brouwer
proud importer of
extreme audiophile cables
for down-to-earth prices
I have Thiel Speakers - the 3.5s - and am currently using
the Transparent MusicWave speaker cables with good success.
Very open and detailed - you might also want to go "upscale"
and look into the Transparent MusicWave Plus and/or
MusicWave Super - both great speaker cables.
Hear it all, then go with Cryo'd Virtual Dynamics Reference,
or Sig's....Awesome... Period!!
Only drawback...heavy & stiff.