Speaker cable suggestion

Looking for a neutral and transparent sounding shotgun pair. Naturalness in the bass is utmost importance. New or used, budget is $1k.
I have a pr of Nordost Red Dawn LS (2M) between my Conrad-Johnson LP66S and Legacy Studio HD. They work for me and I have enjoyed them since day one. While they are ribbon speaker cables, don't let their appearance fool you into thinking they are fragile. They are not. But depending on your level of equipment, the Nordost Blue Heaven LS speaker wire is a good alternative if you don't want to spend that much money. I buy my Nordost cables from Music Direct dot com. They are in Chicago and they ship for free on most of their products. And they are super quick at it. Good luck!
Acoustic Zen Satori is very natural and neutral sounding in my system. Haven't heard the Holograms but they might be a good candidate as well. Best of luck.
I (as always) will suggest that you conatct Grover Huffman for his opinion, but, I don't think you'd be disappointed, I have a bi-wire set in my rig and they are nothing short of fantastic.
Nordost Heimdall, Stealth Hybrid MLT, Mapleshade Double Helix plus or Tara Labs Air 1 should do the trick. The Stealth would be my reco, but you may not find a pair under $1K, unless you get a great deal or are using shorter lengths.

I currently own the AZ Satori Shotgun speaker cables that Soix mentions. While I would agree with the natural sound, I do not agree that they are neutral and transparent. That is a good thing from my point of view, I sold my pair of Nordost Heimdall when I acquired the AZ SS.
Thank you all for the suggestions. I think I will give a good look at at AZ SS. How about Synergistic Research Tesla Accelerator? I've heard a lot of good things about SR and even with Tesla now, I think, discontinued, it might be worthwhile to try it out.
I've been waiting for Heimdall (8' length and banana) to be available on A'gon for quite some time but mostly Frey's come up quite often. I use Heimdall ICs.
Kzhtoo, check other sites. I sold my 8' banana bi-wire Heimdall on other sites about 4 weeks ago. I still have Heimdall ic's for sale there as well. Other sites don't have the volume of Audiogon, but there are less fees and fewer lowballers. Audiogon is but one option.
@ jmcgrogan2,you hit the nail on the head!lowballers!,can you share some good sites for selling?
I really like your idea of the SR Tesla. They would definitely be on my short list as well. With nothing to lose I'd try the Grover Huffman cables too.
@Audiolabyrinth, I don't know how long this will stay up, as these boards are moderated, but I have found Audio Asylum Trader, US Audiomart and it's sister CanuckAudiomart, Sound Offers and Ebay to be a few other alternatives for buying.

I currently have stuff for sale on Audio Asylum Trader and US Audiomart. Like I said, the volume isn't as high, so if you are in a rush to sell, Audiogon is still the best option for a quick sale.
@ jmcgrogan2,Thanks a million!,I just wrote everything down for buying and selling sites you posted,I currently use e-bay and the audiogon,I have no experience with other sites,to me,sometimes its about what you deserve to get for the product you are selling!,thanks again for helping me!
The Master Built (By Delphi Aerospace) Purple Line are superb. Highly recommend these speaker cables. Not well known currently but outperform some of the mega-buck speaker cables I have owned.
You are welcome.

There are other smaller sites too, like Audio Circle, AudioAficionado, Hydrogenaudio that have for sale items too. I've never sold there, and some, like AudioAficionado, require you to be a member (pay a fee) to visit the members for sale section. There's always Craigslist too. I've heard of fellows who got lucky there, but I've never found anything. Happy hunting.
What about Frey? It seems, for a little over $1k, I should be able to get a pair. I'd think the synergy with the Heimdall ICs should be good. How would Frey stack up against Stealth Hybrid MLT, AZ SS, etc?
I currently have one of the sc mentioned above pairing with the Heimdalls and am trying to be very careful with system matching. I'm not one for trying out a lot of cables.
Well if you are looking for neutral and transparent, the Nordost cables are about as far as you can go in that direction, so you should enjoy them.
I think the Stealth Hybrid MLT are one of the best buys in cables at their used prices. Almost as fast and transparent as the Nordost, but with a slight hint of sweetness.
The AZ SS are more full bodied and natural sounding, a different type of sound all together. I would not call the AZ sound neutral or transparent. So it all depends in what you are looking for.

One word of warning: I have found that, like most cable companies, Nordost sound can be cumulative. I have often enjoyed a little Nordost in my system, however, I've twice tried going all Nordost and neither time did I like the final sound. Instead of fast and exciting, articulate sound, I started noticing the lack of musical weight and listening fatigue started to become a bigger issue. As always, YMMV.
Hi Jmcgrogan2, thank you for the info. It's very useful. At the moment, I would say my system has quite good musical weight (esp. after I "somewhat" addressed my power distribution with PS Audio products - dectet, power port premier receptacle and ac-12 power cord). My ICs are Heimdalls (both XLR and RCA) and my speaker cables are one of sc mentioned above (I will leave out the name). My speakers are Focal Electra 1028Be and amps are all Pass. I feel I have open, smooth and "meaty" (for lack of a better word) sound. The area I'd like to improve is the mid-bass naturalness and speed.
The reason I know it's the speaker cables is because I also have cheapo Tributaries 12 gauge sc. Switching this in and out with the current sc, the mid-bass problem is gone (speed is still the same) despite all the other shortcomings with the Tributaries.
Well it sounds as if the Nordost is what you are looking for then. Happy hunting!!
I ordered a pair of Nordost Frey series 1. They should arrive by Friday. :)
if Nordost Frey you are not satisfied ,you can try Anti Cable reference, it's really really good speaker cables and now i'm use.
i use Stealth MLT cable before,it's really really good speaker cable,very balance.and bass is tight,detail,deep and bottem end,but bass amount is not enough for my sstem,so if your system have too many bass amount,Stealth MLT is right choice.