Speaker cable recommendations in my budget

I really hate to open this can of worms. I know people tend to be very passionate about their cables and how heretical someone else’s choice is.  But, here goes anyway.

if it matters, I have a Denon AVR4806 & JM Labs speakers. Both are about 7 or 8 yrs old. I need 8’-10’. I really only want to spend less than $150 but, I’d go to $200 if there some phenomenal cable that would rock my world.

On the site & in that range are: AntiCabled, Schmitt, PS Audio, Audio Quest, NBS Serpent, Harmonic Tech & Audio Quest Serpent.

Do any of you see the glaring top 2 or 3 I should pick from? There’s now real audio shop around me that sells this stuff.

PLEASE: Don’t recommend dumping my receiver or speakers & no fights.
Good luck with that sport!!
Blue Jeans Cable Canare 4S11 Speaker Cable, with Welded Locking Bananas, Conventional (Non-Bi-Wire) Terminations, 8 Foot (Single Cable - for one Speaker); Assembled in The USA......on Amazon.
There are no 8 to 10 foot phenomenal cables that will rock anyone's world for $200. There are only cables that will sound a lot better than regular hookup wire. 

But here's the thing. At the level you are at, both in terms of budget and associated equipment, your biggest bang for the audio buck will be to put a set of BDR Cones under the receiver and speakers. That's three sets at $60 a set for $180 total from Music Direct.

Three sets of Cones will reveal way more inner detail, improve micro and macro dynamics more, and be a LOT more neutral, than any cable on the market for $200. New or used.

Plus the beauty of BDR Cones, you will use them forever. Mine were one of the first things I bought 30 years ago. When something better comes along I change. Still have them. And its not like the system is budget either. They simply happen to be the best value for $60, then and now. https://systems.audiogon.com/systems/8367
So instead of buying a cable, which you will be getting rid of for a better one in a few years, you can buy something now that you will be using for the rest of your life. Its a no-brainer.

I say this in spite of being a huge Synergistic Research fan, and knowing there are really good 8-10 ft Synergistic Research cables out there in the used market that will be great for you. Really. They are so good you won't have to worry about year or model, just buy whatever you can find within your budget. You could well wind up with cables costing nearly a grand new going for $200 today. That's just cables.  Wouldn't want to talk you out of that either. They would be quite good. Its just that BDR Cones are an even better deal. I know. Because I've had both the cables and the Cones.

There. Followed all of your requirements, still managed to give great advice. How about that?
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Thanks that’s really helpful.  
AudioQuest Type-4 - No Frills Build Speaker Cables, with BFA style banana plugs on both ends, from Audio Advisor.  Relatively inexpensive, well built cables, with good, solid connectors.
tuberist mentioned BlueJeans Cable ,
great cables at fantastic prices ,
I had the 10 awg Belden speaker cables .
Another option is to make your own .

How would I make my own?  I see all these descriptors like “cryo treated” & all kinds of other “balanced” & treatments.  Seems way above my head.
Canare 4S11 speaker cables from Ram Electronics.  Less than $2.00 a foot and blow away the $1500.00 speaker cables I was previously using.  

How would I make my own?  I see all these descriptors like “cryo treated” & all kinds of other “balanced” & treatments.  Seems way above my head.

Here is a link to a cable making thread.
Re: Cryo treated.
I would leave that alone for the time being.
Re: Balanced.
There are two types of connectors, balanced and unbalanced (RCA).
Google and Wikipedia will help you understand the differences.

Start slowly, and get a grip on the terms and differences. Soon you will know everything. And, if you need help, just ask.
+1 Audio Envy.
But if that is out of your budget, then look for SignalCable's Ultra Speaker cables.I also have JW Audio Cryo Nova, which are cryo treated and sound very good. https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lis9aa7a-jw-audio-cryo-nova-10-per-stereo-ft-30-day-trial-no-fees-speaker
Thanks for the link.  I thought “making them” meant I’d be braiding wires, shrink wrapping covers over a bunch of wires & measuring spacing of braid lengths or other horrifying complex things.  I might just try it but, I’m kinda unhandy.  Thanks everyone.  I am curious what people think about milercarbon’s suggestion related to BDR cones. 
For the equipment you have now, Blue Jeans Cable should work great.  If you get more resolving equipment in the future you might benefit from some better cables.
I am curious what people think about milercarbon’s suggestion related to BDR cones.

I'm a HUGE proponent of BDR cones/pucks/pits/shelves.  I have them everywhere.  Don't think they'll solve your speaker cable issue though...
Not a big fan of BDR cones. Type 1 and Type 2. 😛 I’d even go so far as to say they suck. If you can stand em more power to ya.
Not a big fan of BDR cones. Type 1 and Type 2. 😛 I’d even go so far as to say they suck. If you can stand em more power to ya.

If you’re going to dis them, at least get the model numbers right. They are MK3 & MK4, not Type 1 & Type 2, geez...
If you can get  NBS Serpent in your price range, go for that.
AudioQuest Type-4 - No Frills Build Speaker Cables, with BFA style banana plugs on both ends, from Audio Advisor. Relatively inexpensive, well built cables, with good, solid connectors

This........Solid core speaker cables really tightened up the bass in my system.   And at $109 shipped for an 8 footer it is a nobrainer to try.

Another vote for Audio Envy.Plenty of detail,sweet highs,great bass.
I'm a HUGE proponent of BDR cones/pucks/pits/shelves. I have them everywhere. Don't think they'll solve your speaker cable issue though...

Right. They are awesome. And Right, they are not speaker cables. The OP will still want to upgrade cables some day. Fine. The improved dynamics and inner detail resolution Cones will bring will make it all the easier to evaluate and appreciate the differences between those cables.

In the big scheme of things where I dwell its all about picking the low hanging fruit. I never advocate anything hard and risky when there's something easy at hand. Components still connected with crappy plastic patch cords and freebie rubber power cords are only a little higher on the tree than components still sitting on the factory feet, but why reach any higher if you don't have to? Do you know any cones better than BDR? I sure don't. Which makes it a sure thing. I don't think anyone can honestly say the same about cables.

Finally, a lot of guys unfortunately are under the impression things like cones aren't serious components. Again, having used BDR you know this stuff is serious as a heart attack. So its worth it to the OP to learn this lesson early, and learn it well. For all these reasons I recommend BDR Cones over cables. 

How would I make my own?

Well first you would let someone sell you on the idea this is something worth doing. Then you would let someone sell you on the idea they know what materials and construction will be best for your budget and sonic preferences. Then you would shop around and buy the wire, insulation, terminations, solder, soldering gun, wire strippers, and electrical shrink wrap. Then you would let someone sell you on the idea they know what is the best way to put this all together. Because every single one of these things makes a difference, and you know nothing about it. So to say this is a leap of faith trusting someone you never met to tell you how to do it, don't even begin to cover it.

So let me tell you about making your own. I'm all for DIY. Did you look at my system???! Look at my system! https://systems.audiogon.com/systems/8367 DIY turntable. DIY rack. DIY acoustic panels. DIY power conditioner. DIY subs. And practically everything that's not DIY has been modded. 

Now why do you suppose a guy this much into DIY has no DIY cables? Its not for lack of trying! I have a whole drawer full of old cables. Even at one point had some DIY cables. Because once long ago I was dim and gullible enough to be sold on the idea and so I tried. Then I met a guy who was as much a believer in DIY cables as anyone you will ever meet here or anywhere else. This guy had 30 years practice working on DIY cables. One time he comes over all excited to show me his masterpiece, the best IC he ever made in his 30 years. We plugged it in. It sucked. Well that was compared to some moderately priced cables. So I went to my old cable drawer, pulled out the oldest cheapest one in there. Cost a fraction of what he had in his just in parts. To say the guy was shattered wouldn't do it justice. His masterpiece was so utterly destroyed by my old discarded cheap cable he couldn't even try and deny it. 

So listen, you can buy cones. You can buy cables. But if you decide to make your own.... GOOD LUCK!
I just ordered 4 X 6.5 feet of Cardas 9.5 guage cable 
and 2 pairs of Kimber cable spades .
The spades are needed at the amp end
and the bare ( thined ) end will go to the speakers .
Each speaker recieves a + and - cable kept seperated .
I should have everything by a 7 to 10 days .
I'll update if interested .
I currently am using used Cardas Neutral Reference so I have a bit of a hurdle but for $217.00 with shipping it's worth a try for me .
As important as the wire is, it is just as important to have the right connectors and how they are bonded to the wire. I believe that high pressure crimping by an industrial machine or ultrasonic welding is better than solder. Bare wire is also good but US welded bananas or spades are fine. I am also a fan of Blue Jeans Cables and the Canare 4S11 wire. You can easily cover it with nylon braid to improve the appearance. 
A cable that is often overlooked is the Supra line.  They have geometry similar to the Canare cable note above but I believe the materials of the Supra cables are superior.  An easy DIY project.  Suggest high quality terminations that are pressure fitted, i.e. fastened with set screws.  I think solder just messes things up and is difficult to do well on heavy gauge wire.
At this level I’d see what member @grannyring has in his Acoustic BBQ line in your price range and just do that.  Best of luck. 
Find Zu Audio cables on eBay. They sell there as auctions, or you can get them full price on their website https://www.zuaudio.com/ . Depending on length, you may be around $200. You pick the termination (or none at all). Libtec looks nicer, but all look good. Sound? Barrel of worms. Not any worse than any other you will buy. If anyone tells you that you could get it better, remind them it is a Denon receiver, etc. Not that there is anything wrong with Denon receiver.
I highly recommend JW Audio Cryo Nova speaker cables.  At $10 per foot (pair), they compete with many cables 10 times their price.  They do nothing wrong and have solved treble glare in more than one system. 

Straightwire.com full stop.
After reading plenty of reviews from impressed users,
I took a wild punt on Mapleshade Clearview Double Helix Speaker Cables.
These were purchased as used items and imported to the UK.
I compared these against cables I had been using and the ones I thought were my best choice and in use.
It was not long before I could be assured the Mapleshades were a much better option, and were to become the successor to my other cables.
Mapleshades have a sonic signature, they are not a Bass Heavy presentation, with a colouration that I will refer to as a Muddiness, that is perceived in many lower priced copper cables.
They have a Clear Bass Note, that decays with a what feels like a honest portrayal.
The Mids and Highs have a projected presence that is very satisfying to listen to.

My Cables were taken to a Speaker Cable Comparison Event, where a system owner was looking to purchase a pair of speaker cables.
Approximately £5000 worth of Speaker Cables were present from
Six Brands with the Mapleshade being a additional wild card entry.
The group of attendees were in a unanimous agreement, that the system owners choice was correct for a pair of £700 Pure Silver Cables being the ones that worked best in the system, and these were selected over a few Cable Brands with a close to £1500 price tag.
The Wild Card Mapleshades were then Put on for their Audition, and the group of attendees now become split on their agreement as to what was the best cable in the system, and a few were Googling the Mapleshades to check for a deal like I got on mine.
I hope this info helps with your producing a shortlist.  
Beyond ANY doubt the ZU cables selling for peanuts on ebay are THE
value supreme in audio.
The are built as well as average 1,000 $$ cable . Often better.AND have excellent  service !
I’ve heard a lot of good suggestions on models & I appreciate the recommendation of isolating cones.  Do I have to worry about fake cables on EBay?  They find fake headphones & earbuds all the time.  Thanks for a of your suggestions,
I'm not a speaker wire connoisseur by any means, but I use Mogami W3103 speaker wire. You can find under $3/ft and they sound marvelous
NO ! ZU is as honest a company as there is in audio !Buy at their post on ebay and expect zero problems .
OP asked for speaker cable, let's keep with that.


This cable comes close to my Decware speaker cable which is quite good.  Remember, you need 4 runs since it's sold as a single strand.

24' = $240  Too rich?  www.signalcable.com

That is also very good wire for less money, but is not quite as good as the Duelund.  I have both, so have compared them.
Actually, the Dueland cable you linked to is $10/meter, not /ft. I agree that this would make good speaker cable, although you probably want to double or triple up on this wire, depending on how long a cable you need and how efficient your speakers are.

Cable termination is as important as the cable itself, if not more so. Assuming you're going tom add connectors, make sure they are good quality, copper-based, and that you can use a good mechanical crimp. 
AQ Type-4 or CV-8 on Music Direct's closeout. I have CV-8 which I clearly preferred to Blue Jeans, but possible Type-4 would do the job just as well and cheaper.
+1 on Duelund DCA16GA hookup wire. For a sub-$200 budget you’re not going to beat it.

Go read the Audio Beatnik review. He came *this* close to getting rid of his 5-figure cables after using it.

I think it was you who mentioned Zu cables and eBay in some other thread a year, or so, ago. I looked them up and bought two different pairs. Thank you.
Thank you , glupson . 
 I really only want to spend less than $150 but, I’d go to $200 if there some phenomenal cable that would rock my world.

Used an option? 
Lots of great deals ALL over. I've see 1000.00 cables go 1/10 their original price.

Second why change after 7-8 years. Just got the bug? I was just  wondering, WHY?

Yes, used cables allow you to buy a very good cable for at least half of 'new'. Cables by Transparent can go for pennies on the dollar if they are older iterations.
If you are looking for cables, know that many are system dependent, so doing a lot of homework will be to your advantage.
I would PM John Rutan (audioconnection) for some unvarnished information.
..its a crap shoot.  All cables sound different depending on what they're connected to.  Get a dozen different brands on trial, and try them in your system.

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  If you are looking for cables, know that many are system dependent, so doing a lot of homework will be to your advantage.
I would PM John Rutan (audioconnection) for some unvarnished information.

I didn't realise that some cables are system dependent. 
The OP has a Denon receiver, and speakers. It's surely, not too picky ay? What he buys maybe? What he has, as long as it's not damaged or undersize and of good quality, why change at all. Maybe millercarbon has a case and point.  I know the lengths are a factor in network style cables. I've had servo connects from the old Infinity RS systems, Polk (can't remember theirs), and a few DIY servo systems I cooked up through the years.  Live and learn. What cables are you speaking off? Is it because of a mechanical connection issue, or "that amp, that preamp, that speaker, this cable only" type deal.

Almost sounds like they left part of the passive XO out and put it in the cable.. please elaborate.  Thanks

I have used the DH Labs T-14 Silversonic cables for 10 years and have been pleased with the sound of my setup.
The 8 ft pairs are around $204 fitted with spades.https://silversonic.com/products/speaker-cables/t-14/
Monolith by Monoprice 12AWG Oxygen Free Copper Multi-Strand Conductors PE Insulated Speaker Wire, 25 Feet
A used pair of Kimber 8T are still an excellent value.
Without question: JW Audio.
Sold on Audiogon.
I'm using his cables with my Spatial M3 Turbo S and love them.