Speaker cable recommendations for DeVORE FIDELITY

Hey there - 

I'm interested if anyone has recommendations for speaker cables to try. Speakers are DeVORE FIDELITY Super Nines, amps are Dayens Ampino monoblocks, and budget is around $1,000 (plus or minus a few hundred) for 8 feet or so. 

Currently I have Kimber Cable 4 Classic. Thought about moving up their line. Also in the running, from my research, is:

Cardas Parsec
Zu Mission
Maybe something from Luna cables? The Gris is maybe in this price range?
Can't seem to see pricing for Auditorium 23 cables, but I'm intrigued. 

Any thoughts would be appreciated. I'm a little skeptical about cabling in general but I'm open to hearing new things.

Full system: https://systems.audiogon.com/systems/5828

Many thanks - Sam in Western Mass
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the bananas sound better than spades, too. I tried both with wbt 0681 ags on the A23 wire and the bananas are more resolving
I would get the kimber 8pr or the belden 5t00p.  They measure the best.
The A23’s look like something your grandmother would knit but they’re really good with the Devore speakers. I’ve also used a full Frey 2 set and they were magical but that’s $10k compared to 900 and different more than better.
I am still astounded by the impact of cables.  As I have upgraded my system over the last 40 years I purchased monster interconnects and audioquest rocket 44 speaker cables. 

Then I moved and needed a different length in speaker cables and tried Blue Jean Cables - they sounded great actually better in my opinion than the audioquest.

Then I ordered Kimber Kables 12 TCs and the difference was immediate, the highs were harsh and I would get a headache after about 30 minutes of listening.  And the sound was different based on the dynamic range of the music - some music like jazz the bass presentation was excellent and full and other music like rock the definition between drums and bass guitar was muddy.  This is my opinion and unexpected because I really thought the sound may be slightly different because of the gauge but didn't expect the harshness in the highs.

I returned the 12 TCs and tried the Bifocals and the sound was first consistent and second the harshness in the highs was not present and the sound seemed to have details and be congruent across the sound spectrum.

I have kept the bifocals even though I think the cost is crazy - I'm fortunate and because I've been able to purchase many of my items as demos I decided the sound is great to me.

I encourage you to experiment.  I am impressed with the DeVore Supernines and hope you find something that brings you joy.  And when you find it - have the confidence to be pleased with your experience.  After all my opinion is only valuable if you can learn something from my experience :).