Speaker cable recommendations

Greetings all- l am interested in hearing member's thoughts and recommendations on speaker cables. l understand this is an inherently subjective question. l currently switch between Kimber 8tc and Harmonic Technology Pro 9 cables. l like the depth and weight of the Harmonic Technology and the speed, clarity and dynamism of the Kimber.On the downside the HT may be a little slow and the Kimbers a little too forward and bright. Can anyone recommend or suggest cables that may contain the strengths of both cables ? thanks in advance - Mel
I totally get your description. You want a balanced sound. My best recommendation is Audience AU24(E/SE).

Another is the Stereomatic LectraLine (which appears to have been upgraded / increased in price recently as a shotgun offering).

You can get both on loan from Cable Company.
It depends on what amplifier you use.
I once owned an Almarro 318 which absolutely DID NOT like my HT Pro-9s.
Switching to Nordost Blue Heaven made them happy campers.
Try Clear Day cables. Paul Laudati is a great guy to deal with and you get a 30 day trial. They have really improved my system from my previous much more expensive speaker cables.
I have Kimber 4TC in our house system and works well. A big step up which has similar characteristics is the Audio Magic line. I have recently gone to the flagship liquid- fill cable and find it as smooth and transparent as anything I've heard (I've heard more than my share). Lots of good cables out there, but keep coming back to Audio Magic.
I've used Van del Hul for many years - I now use the d-352 with Furez silver plated copper bananas.

I like them very much - warm, detailed, spacious and with a very deep and well controlled bass.

I bought mine as bulk cable and found the Furez bananas to perform exceptionally well with them

Spatial Computer Quantum Field cables. Also take a look at their Velocity Bridge product. The combination is the best I've ever heard - or should I say not heard?
I would try Clear Day Double Shotguns, which you can demo with a free 30-day trial and are excellent. Another really impressive speaker cable I am demoing right now is the Furutech Evolution II, which is incredibly open and dynamic. It came highly recommended by the Cable Comapny and is not too expensive. Nordost Blue Heavens would also work well, I think.

The Audience AU24SE, which I also borrowed, sounds good from the midrange up, but seems too lean to me. The Furutech sounds better in my system. Black Cat (Stereomatic) makes excellent digital cables but I was less impressed by the interconnects and SC's when I tried them.
I 3rd the Clear Day, esp. Double Shotguns.
I tried the Clear Day Double Shotguns in comparison to my Acoustic Zen Satori cables. They weren't superior to the Zen's but not inferior. If I didn't have the Satori's I could easily live with the Clear Day's.
I would try some new Audioquest cables. Thge give a wider and deeper stage compared to Kimber. I sell these brands both. The timing of Audioquest is better than the Kimber cables.
A very good inexpensive cable to try is Signal Cable, Sliver Resolution series, a very good all round cable.

Another great cable, but more expensive, is WyWires, Blue series.

I'm just curious of what Audioquest speaker and interconnect cable you recommend for the following system: Revel F208s, Parasound A21, NAD M51(on its way), NAD 565bee CD player. I currently have Silver Audio Symphony 48 speaker cable and Silver Audio Appassionata interconnect cable.
The cheapest loudspeakercable Audioquest has with dbs72 is the Rocket 88. about 8 months ago Audioquest also uses there best connectors on these cables. Which are a lot more expensive than the ones they normally used. This makes the Rocket 88 a bargain.

It depends about the money you want to spend? You never go wrong with Audioquest. Because all there cables have the same kind of properties. When you go up the line all different parts you Judge a cable for gets even better.

They make good powercables, but not exeptional good ones. Kimber PK-10 is my most sold powercable. Or go for the cheaper Purist Audio powercables.

I had a Double run of Clear Day speaker cable prior to getting the Silver Audio. The Silver Audio has more air and a better soundstage. The Silver Audio is significantly more money than Clear Day. I've had the Silver Audio for five years. A few years ago I tried Transparent cables and hated them in my system. In addition, I tried Kimber cable and preferred the Silver Audio. I recently changed speakers and was curious as to what Bo1972 would recommend.
thanks to you all for your kind suggestions and recommendations. Being located in Australia makes it a little more problematic to find and trial the cables you have suggested. And, of course, the range of recommendations is always interesting. My dealer is trying to convince me to but crytal reference - but the price here is far too high to justify. Have trialled a friends pair of naim NAC 5 and was pleasantl surprised by the price to performance ratio and the overall sonic quality of this cable. Please keep suggestions coming !
I was on a quest for the "best" speaker cable and came to the conclusion that there is absolutely no correlation between price and performance. I have Audioquest Rocket 88, Kubala, top of the line Crystal Cable, and recently added Cullen speaker cables. The price of the Cullen is $240 for a bi-wire 15ft pair. I trust that you guys already know the prices of the AQ Rocket 88, Kubala, and Crystal Cable. Can I hear a huge difference among these cables? The answer is a resounding "No"! The differences among these cables are minuscule and I do have a very resolving system. Which one do I like best? The answer will surprise you. The Cullen cables are actually my favorite as they really have good synergy with my system. The price / performance ratio of the Cullen is astounding.
IM using Clear Day Double Shot-gun also. Silver is the best conductor in the world. Buy solid core 100% silver cable from silver cable company such as Clear Day, Connex or White Zombie. Or if you want to tweak and change the sound of music with audiophile copper cable.
As a point of information, the roughly 7 percent or so difference in resistivity and conductivity between silver and copper can be way more than compensated for by going just one gauge size larger in copper. It can also be compensated for by making the copper cable 7 percent shorter than the silver cable.

To the extent that silver and copper may tend to sound different when used in cable designs that are otherwise similar, IMO the reason(s) are almost certainly unrelated to differences in resistivity and conductivity, and are probably unexplainable in a manner that withstands quantitative scrutiny.

-- Al
Melbourne02 - Ive recently installed cables from your neck of the woods (AUS)- they are from KLE Innovations - the model I have are the Essence gZero2.

They are the most dynamic and detailed cables I have used to date, with bass the extends very low - don't be put off by their look either - they are a little "skinny", but they outperformed my 10 gauge VDH d-352 cables by a significant margin. They are also very neutral in their presentation.

I'm driving a full range floorstanding Gershman Acoustics Sonogram speakers using a NAIM 5i integrated amp and it sounds pretty damn good.

I'm also using KLE Innovations Essence gZero3 interconnects that are top performers also.

My system has never sounded so good :-)

Just goole "KLE Innivations" to get to their web site.

I auditioned a lot of cables before I bought what I have now. Many reputable companies (Kimber, Transparent audio, and audioquest; models throughout the whole range) made expensive cables that were no better than super cables which are pretty good. I had similar experience with several small operations like Morrow and more expensive super cables. They were about the same as the rest.

Some were clearly different MIT and nordost come to mind but prolonged listening made me get bored by them. It felt like everything sounded the same and was dominated by cables.

Finally, I found Audience 24e and Auditorium 23 cables least intrusive and most pleasant in a long run and clearly better than the cables I have listed at the beginning.

Since I acquired these, I changed most of the other equipment and found each time that these performed the best. It was pretty shocking how context independent the outcome was. While audience and auditorium are similar , auditorium is cheaper ($1000 for 3m) and therefore I would recommend it.
Again, I would recommend high fidelity speaker cables. All you have to do is go through the reviews. In audiogon and also on any high-end audio related website .
If your interest lies with cables that only transmit the original sound and not edit into colorations, try Anti=Cables....they offer a money back guarantee.....the experiment is worth doing.
Yes, Anti Cables Level 3, finally, finally even besting my previous favorite Mapleshades. And previously, Tara, Synergistic, Van den Hul, Audioquest and Harmonic Technologies.

Superb cables, fair price.