Speaker cable recommendation for Marten Django XL

I recently added the Marten Django XL to my system and now I am looking for recommendations on speaker cables (preferably from Marten owners). Anything you can share on your selection process, why you ended up with the cable you have, etc. My system:
Auralic Altair fed by Synology NAS => Balanced out to
Parasound Halo JC2-BP => Balanced out to
Bel Canto ref 1000 M mono blocks
My musical tastes cover the entire spectrum (1000 years, 5 continents, all genres).
I'm not putting a budget in here as that is secondary to finding the right 'fit'.
Thank you for any insights you can share.
:) I don't profess to know everything or like everything equally (Free Jazz, Mongolian throat singing spring to mind). But I do listen to almost everything and my collection contains 15,000 albums give or take...
I have never owned Marten's, so filter my comments as you wish, but I have heard them at audio shows several times.  I like their speed and their articulate sound, but I do note that they tend to offer no warmth, in and of themselves.  I run some TAD CR-1's that also lean in that same direction, and I have been very pleased with Elrod Gold Statement speaker cables with them.  I get the articulateness inherent in the speaker, and I get a fuller harmonic presentation, more "meat on the bones", as it were.  I strongly suspect that they would work similarly well with Marten speakers.
I recall reading that Jorma cables were a good match for Martens.  I have never heard them, but I thought I would pass this along.