speaker cable recommendation for Innersound Kaya

just got these electrostats and wonder what speakers cables are recommended (I know about the Sanders Sound cables). The amps are Lamm M1.2's.

thanks in advance
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Hi Tony,
you dont say what music you listen to or how much money you want to spend, but for me the one place where planar speakers need help is in the dynamic swing department.

Being less sensitive, large swings in dynamic impact can be slightly lost, rounded or smoothed.

For this Virtual dynamics cables are the master. Not only that, but they have very good extension,speed, detail and the finest bass I have heard. They seem to let the amp really hold onto the diaphram/drivers. The down side is that they are a slight pain to install due to their stiffness. There are good deals on them at the moment too so go as high up the range as you can.

The Analysis plus golden ovals are beautiful cables too but expensive with less bass than the VD master LE, but very nice depth and detail with a tube like warmth or glow in their presentation.

Wow! Looking at your system I see that you replace the Vandy 5s with the Kayas? What a change that must be. I had the Eros Mk3s and just could never get used to the 12" sweet spot and the relatively weak dynamics compared to dynamic box speakers. How are you liking them so far?
Chadeffect: I listen mostly to 50's-60's jazz, female/male vocal, no new pop etc... I'll check out the cables you mentioned.

Ejlif: it was a huge change but after about 5 min. my ears and brain remember the sound I longed for. I had Acoustat 1+1's mated with a Audiopro and them MBL sub - I had them for 17 years! I tried some Audiostatic but didn't like them. I'm digging the Kaya's. I'm using the Lamm M1.2 amps and they seem to handle the Kaya's with easy.

Thanks Guys

BTW: Is there anyway to get email notification when some posts responses like most forums???
THe speaker cable score of the century is Clear Day solid core. I have silver shotguns on my Maggie 3.5Rs. Everyone who has heard them love them. Several have replaced their speaker cables with them. They replaced 4Xs as expensive well-known cables
I think Roger suggests his own cable...check out his web site
Hi Tony, I initially had runs of Acoustic Zen Satoris from both the Innersound crossover amplifier (Bass) and my Innersound amplifier. I replaced the run from my Innersound amplifier to the ESL panels only with Roger's cables and kept the Satori's to the bass. Roger's ESL cables on the ESL panels extended the high frequency and made the soundstage extend wider behind the speakers. The sound filled more of the room in the upper midrange as well.

Hi Ryan (Ejlif), Yes, still enjoying the Eros that you sold me. Found that if I push them back towards the wall, play with the angle and slightly tilt them up they're not too bad to listen to from the adjacent kitchen where we spend most of our time. When I queue up some new music, I put them back in the sweet spot.
I bought some Ridge Street Audio Alethias! biwire. I had a little mishap with the Innersound xover/amp so I bought a new ESL amp from Roger along with a pre-programmed Behringer DCX2496 xover. I haven't tried the RSA cables yet. I get the amp/xover this week. I'll let you guys know what I think ;) Roger is excellent to work with BTW ;)
I have the Eros Mk II with The Innersound amp, crossover/bass amp and preamp. I upgraded Rogers cables to Tara Labs RSC Air ones (balanced, from preamp to crossover) and Tara Labs The One (balanced, from crossover to amp), and speaker wire is Tara Labs RSC Air one as well. It was a tremendous upgrade and I think the system sounds absolutely spectacular. The low level detail, resolution and holographic soundstage is startling. I have Shunyata Python Power Cords going into Shunyata Hydra 8 for the amps and diamond backs going into Richard Gray for the speakers. I know Roger is an advocat of using his cables and not spending the money (to his credit) but I gotta say, the Tara Labs cables bought the rig to a new level. (I'm sure the Pythons helped as well but that came after the cable upgrade). Adding the Shunyata's was a whole other ballgame.