Speaker cable recommendation for Harbeth

Harbeth Monitor 30 users, what speaker cable do you recommend? I am using Belles MB-200 amps. What does your experience tell you about works best?
analysis plus oval 9's
I use Spendors, which are very similar. I use Cardas Golden Reference; PS Audio makes a very good one at a much lower cost, can't remember the exact title but it is the one reviewed in 10 AUDIO.
With my M30's I used Cardas Neutral Reference and updated the "stock" jumpers with Audioquest pure silver jumpers. As the M30's are relatively neutral speakers (and a bit forward) this seemed to work nicely.

I never made to the Golden Reference with my M30's, but that was my next logical step. I am currently using Verastarr Silver Signature with my Verity's and a tubed amp. I really like the theses cables.
DNM Reson cables worked impressively with my SHL5s using either a Leben CS600 tube integrated or a patek gainclone (solid state).
Mogami 3104.
Cheap but they compare well with cables costing close to $2k.
Very neutral sound with the right warmth and natural flow.
Keeps the soundstage relaxed as well as full at the same time.
Made in Japan, smoothness is a given :).
I had used it for quite sometime with my Dynaudio Contours.
Thanks everybody.