speaker cable recommendation

Hi, I would like to upgrade my Tara Labs Phase II (bi-wire) speaker cables. I currently am using a Decware Integrated tube amp and ML SL3's and a Decware silver RCA interconnect. I believe that I have enough warmth and would like a very detailed sounding cable. I may wind up using my current Tara cables for the woofers and therefore may not necessarily need another bi-wire setup. A lessor known cable company is fine. What are your opinions as to the best used cable for say $200-$400?

thanks to all, Paul
Ive had the Nordost Blue Heaven Rev. 11's which is a biwire speaker cable. It will certainly give you the detail you're looking for but you may have to give up a little of the warmth. They should also be in your price range.
Good Luck!
Try contacting the Cable Company and see what they say. I would concur that the suggestion above for Nordost's will definitely give you a greater amount of upper mid / treble resolution. Sean