Speaker cable recommendation ?

I'm planning on buying new/used speaker cables. One of the cables are Nordost SPM's but I need 5m run's, so its too expensive. What are my choices within $1500 ~ $2000 ?

PS Audio HCA-2
Wadia 301
Audio Physic Tempo III
REL Strata
P-500 Pwr Regenarator

PSA power cables for amp, cd and P-500. Wadia is connected directly to HCA-2 with Nordost SPM XLR's.

Thanks a lot.
The Ibis speaker from Zu cable. This cable is in your price range, and it really is musical & Transparent.
check out the new xindak copper weave speaker cable,it's just getting to the U.S. market now,it is incredible.both pureaudio & father & son audio are importing it.
Thanks for reply. What about Nordost Red Dawn ? Anybody want to share their experience ?
I use 4m pairs of MIT 770 CVT. It really opened up the bass in my Sequel II's and it does a great job with my new Revel Studios. I bought them used for $1,000. (They no longer make this model, which is why it was so inexpensive. It was replaced by the way more expensive Oracle series).

Good luck in your search!
Check out the series of reviews on speaker cables by Bob Neill at:
Thank you all. I'll check all and see if I can demo some of the cables.
Audience au-24 is getting lots of positive reviews, I'll try to demo those cables. Audience is only few miles from my house, I'll call them.
You don't need to spend that much on speaker cables. Try Harmonic Technologies cables with single crystal copper and silver. You'll save a bundle, be very happy and have money left over for software, which really is the most important component! I use their 11 gauge speaker cable (copper and silver, single crystal) and couldn't be happier (Krell 400cx into Thiel CS6 speakers)
Check out the PS Audio wire as it's very nice stuff and you dont have to spend all your budget! The left over cash will buy you more music or maybe a dedicated line or two! Happy Listening!