Speaker Cable Recommendation

I have the Krell KAV-500 amp and Dynaudio Contour 3.0 speakers. I'd be interested in hearing anybody's opinion on an excellent 3-figure (new or used) set of cables to connect them. I listen to mostly rock/pop, with a fair amount of Jazz thrown in. Also, the next upgrade is going to be for a beefier two-channel Krell amp if that figures into any recommendation somebody might have.

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Hi, I second or third the opion that the Dynaudio sounded very good with the AP Oval 9's. I think for those people who have not burned in the cable, well, there are in for a disappointment. I burned my in for about 50-100 hours and it really really improved a lot. I have the Contour 1.1 which is the smaller version of the Contour 3.0. I also have an Audience 40. Both Dyna's sounded very good w/ the AP Oval 9's. The previous cable that I used were the Van Den Hul THe Wind. No comparison! The midrange bloomed, bass was tighter and the precise laser cut imaging was unimaginable. But again, I'm using the Plinius 8150i for the amp side. By itself that stuff and the Dyna's are made in heaven! Try out the AP Oval 9 before paying $300 + for an 8 foot cable, break them in for awhile and return it if you don't like it. hard to go wrong with those cables!