Speaker Cable Recommendation

I recently purchased a pair of JBL Line Array 1000 speakers. They will be driven by a MacIntosh MA6900 integrated. I listen mostly to classic rock, acoustic/electric blues, some jazz. Which cables (bi-wire) would do best?
Budget is about $500.00 maximum.
Thank you so much for your input.
audioquest or bluejeanscables.com
Canare 4S11.
Clear Day double shotgun
Tellurium Q black
Your amp is really good. Its the kind of unit that will work well with just about anything. I'm not familiar with your speakers, though. I just did a quick search and looked at some pics online. They appear to be pro speakers. Do they have regular binding posts, or are they 1/4 in.? That will definitely be a factor.

If standard cables will work, I'm with Tbromgard. I like Audioquest very much myself. You don't have to spend any where near $500 to get something that will sound great. Audioquest Type 8 is my favourite low cost speaker cable. I can't imagine you not liking it. I'm sure that there are other great choices, as well, but I only comment on what I have actually listened to myself.
If I were you, I'd try a set of Morrow Audio SP4 bi-wire. They have a 60 day trial period, and they are always having some sort of sale.

Make sure to get the nude terminations, and when you connect them, try to have as much as possible of the cable be in contact with the binding surfaces on both the amp and speakers.

I have a set of the Morrow SP2 with my Legacy Audio Signature IIs, and the sound is impressively better than all other cables I have used.
Morrow Audio my whole system is on these cables,they are good to my ears.I am burning in a new pair of sp5 reference speaker cables and they are just now starting to open up.Fantastic cables for the money and as mentioned they have sales.I like to torture myself by listening to these cables improve over time and they do which I did not believe until I heard it myself.
I think the proper question is how do to the new contemplated cables (speaker / interconnect / power) actually sound and perform in YOUR system.

There are some cold hard facts that are unavoidable:
(1) different cables sound different with different gear. (2) There is no substitute for critically auditioning what works in your system and what does not.
(3) Blind brand testimonials on AGON and other forums are little more than personal value judgements with no reliance that that may improve YOUR system. There is no subsitute for personally auditioning (dealer/ loaner/ buddy swap)as to what works best in your kit.

This extends further to the time honoured axiom that some ICs work better with particular speaker cables and power cables' and vice versa.. Things can sound worse when you start to tinker.

Regrettably, one size does not fit all. A blind purchase is a wild guess and gamble at best with no measure of likelihood of success; and an expensive backward move at worse.

Good luck
Get a spool of Belkin speaker cable from Partsconnextion.It's OHNOPCC copper with 18 different sized solid core strands individually insulated.It's the same stuff the high end cable companies use,it's dirt cheap and unbelievably good.Use it for a reference as you audition other cables.I bought some for a place holder when I moved my speakers and needed a 14 ft. run and nothing else has beat it yet.
12-03-12: Jtcf
Get a spool of Belkin speaker cable from Partsconnextion.It's OHNOPCC copper with 18 different sized solid core strands individually insulated.

To find the website, it's spelled partsconnexion. And you won't find any Belkin products there. And when you do find current Belkin products, you'll find they haven't done OCC cable for at least four years, more like five. Currently Belkin doesn't even offer speaker cable on their website.

You may be able to find some NOS Belkin OCC cable on eBay, but that's about it. I bought some of the last of this speaker cable from Partsexpress in 2008 when it was on final closeout.

These days at a budget around $500 I'd call the boys at Zu Audio and see what they might do for you.
Mapleshade Double Helix.
You may want to Google reviews for Clear Day Speaker Wire. An 8 foot double shotgun run is $450.00. They also provide a 30 day trial. One thing I noticed, is that you rarely find it used.
Excuse my misspelling Johnnyb53!I did purchase the Belkin in 2012,and they had a lot of it,various spools and shorter terminated pairs.Sorry Charlot for the bad info.
What Stevecham says: Mapleshade Double Helix.

This question sure gets asked a lot.

All the best,
Like Hocheye, I changed all my cables to Morrow Audio after trying the speaker cables SP5 and MA3 IC's I was amazed at the improvement in my system, then MAP3 power cord and subwoofer cable Sub3 cable still breaking in some, I had free break in service on a few.
Another vote for Morrow Audio

12-05-12: Jtcf
I did purchase the Belkin in 2012,and they had a lot of it,various spools and shorter terminated pairs.
Link? Do they still have it? My search for "Belkin" at the partsconnexion.com website yielded no returns. Otherwise, that *would* be a good deal. I have two 15' pairs of their single-crystal OCC PureAV Silver Series 14 ga. speaker cable. It's pretty nice, especially for the money.
Nope,they apparently don't have it any more.I was not aware it was in such short supply or I wouldn't have stuck my foot in my mouth like this:< I did "google" it out of curiosity and saw some 18 ga. for sale and a spool of 16 ga. on ebay.I have 16 ga. for a 14 ft. run and it works great for me.I guess you'll have to do some intensive internet hunting to track some down.It really is an excellent cable isn't it? I've put it up against others that cost up to $80 per ft. and it's just as good or better.It's very quiet,smooth,and neutral IMO.Doesn't seem to have any obvious colorations. Best of luck to you,and my apologies for the original misinformation.

Try the Master Built Purple Line. It is darn good and matches speaker cables costing several times more and that is no exaggeration. I have many tried some of the best cabling out there and the Purple Line's price -performance is a sweet spot.
the 1st, best sounding, and cheapest pair I own are Cardas Quadlink. Question though... How does it sound with cheap wire?
Signal Cable Silver Resolution bi-wires would work great and in your budget.
I started with Monster, then moved to MIT terminator, then to $1000+ Transparent Super, then to the budget "world beater" Mapleshade. I'm using lamp cord now, the system still sounds good.
Try the Master Built (by Delphi Areospace) Purple Line. They are amazing and compete with much much more expensive cables.
I had Morrow SP4 Bi-wires, Kimber 8TC and now run Nordost Blue Heaven Rev II Bi-wires in an all Blue Heaven loom. All of the wires sounded good. The Morrows were very light and easy to work with and are well within your budget. Best of luck.
Akg_ca is spot on. Same cables sound different in different systems. Try to get ahold of as many as you can at the same time and do critical listening with a/b testing. Listen for detail (cymbals, plucking of guitar strings, drums), how harsh or bright they sound, how the bass sounds, slam or punch (kick drums) and also get a piece of music where there is alot going on at one time, i.e. drums, vocals, guitars, bass; see if any instruments are getting lost or not. Then switch cables and replay the same piece of music. Remember too that a cable that sounds good initially because it is so detailed may become fatiguing after an hour, and it may also let you hear all the flaws in recordings, which gets annoying also.
I think you ought to try some signal cable silver resolutions and also some clear day double shotguns (Frank at signal, and Paul at clear day are both very reasonable gentlemen). I'm not so big on audioquest or blue jeans belden 10awg. It is all system and listener dependant though! Good luck, and have fun with it!