Speaker Cable Rebuild - Need Help

Hi, I have an old pair of Audio Note AN-B (blue color) speaker cables with banana connectors. I need to re-terminate one end with spade connectors to fit my Pass Labs XA30.5 amp.

Where can I buy good quality (gold plated, maybe) spade connectors? Also, I need to get some plastic (pinkish red & black color) heat shrinks for wrapping the cables where the connectors are soldered.

Not sure if you're familiar with the factory Audio Note AN-B speaker cables. At one end, the banana connectors have a special black color heat shrinks (about 2 inches from the connectors)where there's a dent in the middle of the heat shrink. I wonder which end connects to the amplifier? Would it be the end with the special black color heat shrinks? Or, it doesn't really matter.

But I think speaker cables are directional in general.

Thanks for your help.

Assuming you're in North America, either PartsConnexion or SonicCraft get my vote. Both have a great selection of what you need and have given me great service.
Ebay, WBT Bananas, those are the best and also colored heat shrink in all sizes, buy from American seller not over sea with WBT.
Both suppliers mentioned above are very good. I would add VHAudio.
generally most cables signal flow follows how you read the lettering. Frys electronics carries shrink wrap. Audioquest has spade connectors that can be crimped.
Try to use bare wire directly to the binding post. Usually it's the best termintation you can think of.
Hi all, thanks so much for the info. It's very helpful. Actually, I'm looking for spades not banana connectors. What's about the WBT bananas? Thanks.
Furez spades and bananas are very good and come in copper or silver
plated copper

From what I have read it appears you don't have to worry too much about
tarnishing on silver plated connectors because that brown-black tarnish
(which is actually silver sulphide) is a surface issue and is very thin and
therefore presents little resistance (if any)

Whereas tarnished copper actually pits the surface.

It also takes considerable atmospheric moisture to form and most often,
simply reseating the connector is normally enough to break through the
tarnish to restore good contact.

Also, with most connectors you will probably not have any tarnishing where
the two surfaces actually make contact.

I would recommend replacing all connectors for best results

I use them and was amazed at the difference they made

Just google Furez for retailers

I don't know if you want to go that route, but Cardas makes some nice adaptors.