Speaker Cable Question

I have used Audioquest G-2 bulk speaker cable for my atmos height channels. I am using Mogami Quad Core Gold interconnects for my active speakers for the bed channels. I have a pair of rear surround speakers that are also passive. Should I use Mogami speaker wire, the same Audioquest G-2 speaker wire I used for the height channels, or does it not matter? Thanks


It likely does not matter a whole lot, but sticking with the same cables is easy to justify,

Does your HT unit do channel by channel EQ?

Doesn't matter, but like @holmz said - sticking with the same brand is an easier decision.

If you have some of boys an hand, then maybe try a mismatched set on the main 2-channel side and push a stereo signal though it?

Maybe one can hear it… Certainly if the cables are very long and one has a high inductance or capacitance compared to the other.

But with a movie or some visual stuff playing, the mind is only able to keep track of a finite amount of stuff happening. And the HT side is less stressful in terms of audio needs.

Personally I would keep the L/R/C the same, and not have any chest tightness, but I am a Luddite.

Check out Pine Tree Audio - small custom shop that can make to order, uses really high quality material.  Owner, Jesse will take that time to talk with you, he’ll make sure the power cables match what your units require.  He has different designs matched for application.  I’m not affiliated in any way, I discovered Jesse - had him make me a power chord, interconnects, was impressed after comparing to much, much more expensive cables.  I’ve since switched all my cabling and he’s custom built some items for me.  He has professional AV experiences, really understands what’s behind things technically and makes a great product.  

Pine Tree Audio