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I read plenty of articles on the demise of high end audio and have been an enthusiast for 40 years and worked at a high end retail chain for ten years back in the 90's. I still own several systems and buy and sell gear to keep tweaking my systems. Nonetheless I'm pretty shocked at the prices of cables in particular- I look for a decent pair of speaker cables to run from a Pass amp to a good pair of speakers and can hardly find a pair of 8 ft cables for less than $1000- most are commonly 2-3k for a pair of cables. 

Is it me or is this ludicrous? 

What are people buying for an average pair of cables ? Can a pair be had for $300?
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Ok, so you have an speaker wire (2 wires to be simple), 50% of the time current is going one direction and then the other on both wires, not just 1 wire.  So i ask you which way would you point the arrows when 1/2 the time the direction is wrong?  

Please share with us what physical characteristic of a wire makes it directional?  What is the secret to determining which way electrons prefer to go on a wire?  

From what I've read, it's the signal that goes to the speaker that matters, so go for the direction that best facilitates that, no matter how small the discrepancy.

As for what can possibly make a cable, any cable, directional? It seems to be that all cable are drawn through a die, and that impresses the structure enough to give directionality. 

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Yea a sucker born everyday at least that's what some of these company's think. I have a good one for you go too Sonic Electronics and get their NVX XWS08120 8 gauge oxygen free silver plated wire 120 feet for 169 bucks. I am 73 and have been doing audio since the 60's.

why not start a thread on the physics of directionality and leave this thread to affordable wire ?

"... Wires would be wrong 50% of the time. As regards the sound. That’s why Audioquest controls directionality for all their cables including their new line of power cords. Follow?
But let me correct you on one point. It’s not electrons that don’t know the difference (at least according to you), it’s the photons. Am I loosing you?"

There will be a tragic number of audiophiles losing (not "loosing") sleep over this one.