Speaker Cable & Power Cord advice?

Hi. as a fellow Audiogon member, I could use some advice on Power Cord recommendations (amp) and speaker cables. Any recommendations are highly appreciated! (and thanks in advance). My system is: Jeff Rowland Concentra (Solid State) Integrated Amp; Sim Audio Eclipse CD Player; Totem Mani-2 speakers; Cardas Golden Cross interconnects, and speaker cables tba. I just got the system, and have not decided on speaker cables yet- any ideas? I am considering Analysis Plus Oval 9's (have heard good things) or Cardas Golden Cross/Golden Reference (I like the 'airy image' and a non-fatiguing sound, but if I could ALSO get accuracy and detail, I guess that would be a bonus). OK, re: A/C stuff, I am using an API Ultra 112 line conditioner w Synergistics Reference A/C Master Coupler (power cord). For the CD Player, I have read nothing but good things about the Shunyata Research 'Powersnakes' Black Mamba cord, so I picked one up. What I DON'T have is a choice (YET) for the amp power cord. I DO have a Cardas Golden Power Cord a friend gave me, which I will use for now. But I guess the question is do you have a power cord you recommend highly for amps? (given everything else in the system). I have also heard that Powersnakes 'Sidewinder' model is good for amps. (It's tough up here in Canada because we don't have the luxury of trying out different models from someone like 'The Cable Company'- their lending library doesn't go across the border!. Thanks, and look forward to hearing from you! John Sutton ('[email protected]', or return e-mail)
If you want airy and accuracy and detail you may want to consider trying some silver speaker cables. Silver Audio makes fine cables and their are many others. For the power amp you may want to consider the Electraglide Fat Boy SE. I have read nothing but positive things about them for power amp useage. I have a pair on order now for my Blue Circle mono-block amps.
All Stealth cables come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so the only risks in trying them are (i) paying shipping, and (ii) wasting your time. I guarantee you won't be wasting your time: these are highly competitive cables at their various price points. I've Premier and Ultimate Ribbon speaker cables, liked them both, but I think you'll prefer the silver ribbon. Stealth power cords helped my system too, despite my having a Cinepro 10 Line Balancer, whose creator, Eric Abraham, says that with it power cords matter less. Stealth interconnects and digital cables are excellent too. I've used cross-wrapped copper but prefer cross-wrapped ribbon. You can check out the Stealth line at www.interlinkhouse.com.
JPS Power Ac Cord or Electraglide Fat Boy. Buy them used and save lots of money!!!!