Speaker cable options for Magnepan 1.6

Looking for speaker cable options for Magnepan 1.6's. Looking for something not to break the bank. I have also read and heard that solid core vs. stranded for use with planars in the way to go......thoughts?

Thanks for taking time to post.
Try the MapleShade Golden Helix. It's less than $100 and has a 30 day return policy. It's solid core and sounds AMAZING!
I second the Mapleshade cables. I have the Double Golden Helix and sounded as good as or better than the most expensive cable from Cardas and much better than the Synergistic Research I was using. My Magnepan IIIa seems to like solid core better vs. stranded cable.
search the archives. there is a ton of stuff about Maggies.

fwiw i like the Alpha Core MI2 Goertz Veracity with Maggies
Paul Speltz Anti Cables. I have a good friend with Maggie 1.6s and these cables sound great.
10ga. belden, via Blue Jeans. Not a lot of $, and if you are even minimally handy w/tools, assemble them yourself.