Speaker Cable Multiplug Allen screw?

Hi all,
i have the Shunyata Delta Speaker Cable. They are interchangeable spade/banana. It looks like some sort of Allen screw but Allen’s don’t work.
Any Idea of the type and how to change them out? Appreciate any help!
Most likely a TORX. The TORX hole looks similar to an allen head, but the TORX adds tiny points in the corners of the hex.I use one of those 30 driver bit sets for multi task srewdrivers.. And just search for the one that fits.Personally if you get it off. you should use a trace of antisieze in those threads. If that tiny stud  locks up.. You are buying a new end for your speaker cable. If you cannot get it to turn. try a screw loosening fluid and to help try tapping down against the screw. (after clean it all off)
Thanks so much Elizabeth.
Yes it’s a T6 Torx. I’ll pick one up tomorrow and follow your tips. I appreciate your quick response!!
I needed one of those to swap out some WBT bananas to WBT spades and found a Craftsman brand at my nearby Ace Hardware store.