Speaker cable made you say:

What speaker cable did you purchase within the last year or so that made you say:...."It really does sound better..... than my previous speaker cables"

Was this discovery by accident, recommendation from a AG member,local friend or magazine review???
Auditorium 23 speaker cables. Always wanted them and finally decided to buy. Better than many others I have had
Cerious Technologies LC Series. Discovered by accident. 6 Moons has a review and how they are built. They bettered Nordost Blue Heaven Rev. II's, Morrow Audio SP4's, and Kimber 4,8,and 12TC's. I liked the other Cables, but the Cerious Technologies LC's have a better sound.
I tried out and then bought Audionote Sogon speaker cables to replace NBS King Serpent speaker cables. The Sogon is more open on top and more detailed, while remaining smooth. The NBS is still a VERY good cable. I managed to get the Sogon at a fraction of the cost of new cable so I jumped on it.
Tempo Electric speaker cables replaced my trustworthy Mapleshade Double Helix. I've always wanted to try silver cables since I had such great results with the Darwin Silver ICs. They are everything the Mapleshades are and more, in every parameter I could bore you with. Cleaner, tighter, more coherent.

All the best,
Thanks to everyone who responded so far. The Audience and Cerious Tech LC Series speaker cables are beyond my price range. Plus, I need approx. a 11 ft single wire pair

Nonoise.....I have changed electronics, and eventually want to upgrade the speaker cable from the basic Audio Art SC-5. I know you have recommended Mapleshade DH a few times

I replaced previous separates with the Rogue "Sphinx" integrated( I could not afford the Rogue CM.at this time) So far, I am impressed by its and dynamics and bass response

However, it provides a bit too much of "in your face" sound, and has a peculiar anomaly of sounding louder at volumes marks or aural setting that I am very familiar for my room. The remote is not that helpful in finding the right volume setting for both the room, the type of music, and recording levels. The remote works like a clicker and each click is about 1db, not the half db that was easily set with the Bel Canto remote.

Nevertheless, the unit is built like a tank;and, requires more break in, probably a speaker cable upgrade, and experimentation with several IC I have on hand that connect the Rega Apollo to the integrated.

I currently use a Chord "Chameleon" which was recommended by Rega USA distributor.... "Sound Organization." it did make a difference with the electronics I had before..... I have a Nordost Red Dragon IC that is two series old, and an AudioMagic Spellcaster II that is vintage 1993. Unfortunately both may sound bright with Rega Apollo

I will have to check out the Tempo Electric website for future consideration
WireWorld Oasis. Been reading about them for years. In the last six months I had decided to work on the cabling of my system. I started with a WireWorld UltraViolet USB cable and have just completed a WireWorld suite for my system.

I had used Analysis Plus Oval 9 for nearly ten years and have used at length MIT Terminator 5. Still have the MIT. The Oasis SC along with the rest of the WireWorld cables have made a significant improvement in my system. Good luck with your SC search.
I was looking for a natural presentation with a flat tonal balance for SC's. In other words a cable that has as much as I can get musical texture/body and no highlighting of anything. I got a recommendation from a member here, 'Stanwal'. He was a distributor for many brands for many years. He mentioned PS Audio 'Reference Statement Plus'. They have been superb. They seem to let everything through without any uglies or highlighting or thinning or fattening the sound. To me I think as close to natural as I can reasonably get to the live music I hear in my home.
In the last year or so the speaker cables that made me say "It does really sound better" are from Dave's Cables.

Check them out here.


In my secondary system that I've been listening to a lot more I installed the Dave's 14 Gauge Speaker Cables with Furutech FT-211/212 UPOCC Copper Spades and Locking Banana Plugs. They were awesome.
I swapped out a set of Nordost Super Flatline II and replaced them with Analysis Plus Oval 9's. The Nordost, true to its reputation, is somewhat light in the low end.
Jebinite, have not seen your name for awhile. From what I recall Dave's cables are not inexpensive, especially for 12 ft single wire pair (which was about $500). So what was it about these cables that made you say: "It does sound better" BTW, why did you install them in the secondary system??

Thanks to others who have responded.

TO Nonoise, I did check out the Tempo Electric website, but you forgot one thing....they are also expensive, especially longer pairs.... On another somewhat related issue I think you were part of the give and take on "Elizabeth's" thread regarding the Cardas Parsec IC (which replaced the previous Quadralink) Could this IC be another example of "It does sound better" Seems to be more of an IC for separates not necessarily as an IC upgrade for a CD player.

I needed two aspirins and bedrest( or is it head rest...LoL) after reading all the exchanges