Speaker Cable Jolida302a/Castle Richmond

I recently got a Jolida 302a and Castle Richmond speakers. for the present I have just 'doubled up' some 12ga speaker wire to have maximum conductors between the amp and speakers. It is such a leap from what I was listening to before that I am very pleased however I would assume that some speaker cable upgrade would produce a difference. Any suggestions that won't cost the same as the total of my system? I've thought about Nordost Octava or AudioQuest CV4 or Type 4+. These all seem to be in my reachable price range.
What is your price range? I am using Alpha-Core Goertz MI2
with my Jolida 502A and it sounds quite good (it is a ribbon
type cable, but without the overly bright character that I
have heard the Nordost is supposed to have). The goertz
runs about $170 per 6' pair single wired new, less used. It
was a substantial step up from the Audioquest Crystal 2 I
was using before. You can also do an in-home trial if I
remember correctly; check out www.alphacore.com for details.
Hope this is helpful- good luck!
i've had really good luck with my analysis + Oval 9 speaker cable, in fact i'm also "doubling" it up because it is reasonably cheap and sounds very nice...
Be careful when "doubling up" speaker cables as you are changing the characteristic impedance of the cable, probably for the worse unless done carefully. If using two runs of "zip cord" aka "monster" type wiring, you should arrange the wires so that they are reversed from each other when stacked. In other words, the negative wire on cable 1 would be stacked on top of the positive wire of cable 2 and vice-versa. Of course, you would have to connect them in the proper polarity at the amp and speakers. This minimizes inductance and will broaden the frequency response of the cables. This configuration is commonly known as a "star-quad". Two runs of 16 gauge wired in this fashion will give you a total of 13 gauge wire with a flatter response in the upper mids and treble than that of a standard 12 gauge cable. This way you get the better bass control of a larger wire but without sacrificing as much high frequency information.

As to Keith's original question, i'm wondering what your hoping to gain by changing speaker wires ? Do you feel the system is deficient in some way or are you just looking for more of a "good thing" ? : )

While i'm pretty familiar with the little Richmond's and liked them quite a bit for small speakers, i found them to sound very rich. Combined with tubes, things might be warm or laid back a little TOO much. As such, i would not look at the Audioquest cable that you mentioned. While it might be more than you were initially looking to spend, i would suggest either Kimber 4TC or Goertz MI-2's. Both can be found used relatively often and if you wait it out, sometimes for a steal. The Kimber will be leaner sounding with a little more "life" to it while the Goertz tends to sound seamless with a very natural balance to it. The drawback to the Goertz cables are that some amps go into fits with them, so you might have to use Zobel networks at the speakers' binding posts. These are supplied free of charge from a Goertz dealer or directly from Goertz. On top of this, the Goertz are flat copper ribbons that are not as flexible and harder to work with as compared to the very limber Kimbers. If you were interested in checking either of these out, Audio Advisor sells the Kimber with a 30 day return policy and Goertz does a 21 day trial at home deal via their website. Should you want to read up on the Goertz, i took the liberty of including their website info since it might be harder for you to find. Hope this helps... Sean
I have no experience with Castle loudspeakers, but have intimate knowledge of the Jolida 302s. I have found that most people prefer a detailed, forward, punchy cable with the Jolida 302A/B. Possessing a fullness at both frequency extremes. It seems that your impressions fall right into my experience, from your reactions to the 12 gauge wire you inserted into your system. I would not recommend Goertz, as I do not feel the match is very good at all. I would look to AudioQuest(Type 6, Indigo, Crystal, or Midnight), Axon 8, or Kimber(4TC/8TC). Buy the best model you can afford from the manufacturer you choose. I think you will be more than pleased.
While Trelja and i will agree to disagree with each other on this one, i found the Audioquest and Axon cables to sound much "flatter" or "less lively" than either the Goertz or Kimber's. I find that those cables work best with a bright system ( such as horns or metal domes ) due to their relatively neutral to "dull" ( for lack of a better word ) tonal balance. Bottom line is that you'll have to try them out for yourself. I also forgot about YBA Diamonds. Pretty expensive but they do show up used once in a great while. Excellent "sparkle" and detail with a "lively" sound to them. Utterly WEIRD banana plugs though..... Sean