Speaker cable improvements

Is there anything that can be done to "upgrade" my MIT CVT plus Shotgun Terminator cables(which were MIT's reference in about 1994)?
Would I add an extra capacitor or resistor or??
The improvements of todays models are probably mainly in the parts
Cheap and simple ...Paul Speltz Anti cables..For the asking price they are incredible........
I agree with Thorman...actually, at many times the price they would be incredible
I am a devoted fan of the anti-cables. Some hate them. I love them. You how it is. Everything is interdependent and the cables are just one link of the chain from source to your ears. At least they are worth a try and the money is refundable if you don't like them.
I would agree with the above posts. I replaced much more expensive cables with Anti Cables, sold the expensive ones, pocketed the difference and never looked back. Since then I have done the same thing with Anti ICs
Yup, anti-cables are a bargain.

try them and you will probably agree. If not, your not out much coin.

Have Fun!
Agree with all, but be prepared for 200-300 hours of break in time, but well worth it!
He ask for comments on MIT cables and all six post ignored that question but instead turned his post into a Paul Speltz Anti cables ad!
Not one word mentioned in any of the post regarding MIT cables.
Leave them as they are, they are still good. If you are tempted to try Anti Cable buy some used. You could have had mine at half price. Or just buy some Magnet wire. It is 50 cents a foot and is very close if not identical to you know what.
Btstrg, you didn't answer his question either!! Are you the audiogon poster police? My response and the others implies that he change cables. Now, it's your turn to offer an improvement to Psacanli.
Psacanli, I wouldn't attempt to upgrade your cables - besides I can't imagine how that would work without changing the networks out completely. I think the newer MIT's are more revealing but don't have the texture like the older models like yours - at least in my system.
These anti cable promotors are... shall we say tacky..
or tasteless... or ...any ideas???
Has anyone used the bybee units that go between the speaker cable and the speakers? Comments?
Try this. Find a huge orange 100 foot extension cord cable
commanly used outside to run electric lawn mowers. Cut it up as I did. I had first shotgun it up like the old 750 MIT Music house.It sounded really nice,But as I kept adding more cables in parellel every parameter of the sound improved on my system..Now I have 5 16 guage cables
per speaker and the thing is huge,bulky and almost to heavy to prop up on my speaker end. I'm using some 12 guage Radio Shack Banana Plugs that has helped out a bunch
in terminating it. ON MY SYSTEM it is a sure winner as a great speaker cable buster ad only cost maybe 15 to 24 dollars for the whole cable run. So your not out much doing this diy. It is very time consuming, But u may be surprised at the results.
Or the other suggestion would be to go to Bruce Brissons
DIY Page and purchase their speaker giant killer kit
for $550.00 with one new network and they sale options to buy 2 other networks for them for I think an additional $275.00 per network. Well I hope this gives u something to chew on.
Don C.
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04-02-09: Stanwal
Or just buy some Magnet wire. It is 50 cents a foot and is very close if not identical to you know what.

I thought it was some sort of transformer wire in the you know what.