Speaker Cable Help

I am Looking to upgrade my speaker cable. What your thoughts on cables for a Manley Stingray connected to Talon Peregrines? Do any on you use homemade cables? If so, why and what?
Here is a lists of several cables that work really well with the Peregrines. Since you give no budget I will go from low to high.

The Nordost Blue Heaven is a decent budget speaker cable that works well with the Peregrine. Needless to say the Vahalla is awesome but big money.

The Synergistic Signature 10 is a very good speaker cable and not too expensive.

Since you did not make your own speakers nor amplification why do you assume that making really good cables is any easier? Can home made cables be made of course call Belden and order some wire. But there is a reason why there are so many cables on the market and they all sound different there is much more to a cable than the conductor.

Good luck.