Speaker Cable Help

I am looking to buy speaker cables in the <$400 (new or used) range and would appreciate some suggestions. I prefer transparent and detailed over warm and fuzzy. These will be used with McCormack DNA-125 and AP Spark III. Thanks in advance.
Hey, the Homegrown Silver cables at about 400 something looks interesting, although I've never heard them. I am using AQ Argents which are great, and used are fetching for about 300.
At that price, try Analysis Plus, or Harmonic Technology.
Excellent value, excellent sound.
You don't indicate how long the cables need to be, but absent that information, I'll suggest the Kimber 8TC. This cable has been recommended by numerous high-end mags over the past 3-4 years. I am currently using a bi-wire pair of 8TC's in my system and have been VERY pleased with them. After owning various brands of speaker cable, I settled on Kimber because they offer excellent value, and because -- in my system -- they seem to neither add nor detract from the sound to the extent of other cables in this price range. Your own experience may be different, depending on your system, but I'd sure add either the Kimber 8TC or 4TC to your "short list" of cables to consider.
Thanks for the input guys. I ended up getting a pair of Analysis Plus Oval 9 and am very happy with them.