Speaker cable help

Hello All,
I'm looking for some speaker cables in the $200-400 (used) range. If I had to put a finger on it I'd say my system was on the "bright" or "forward" end of things.
Musical Fidelity A308cr amp, Musical Fidelity A5 CDP, Belles 21A Pre, Spendor 9 speakers, Analysis Plus Crystal Oval interconnects. The British stuff tends to be pretty natural but the Belles really digs deep into the recordings and brings everything "up front".
Would a set of speakers cables that are more "distant" "reserved" or "coloring" help with the synergy? (With the idea of "softening" things up a bit? And if so, what are your recommendations?
Mmmmm, MFSL Chicago Transit Authority's one and only LP is groovin' in the next room. (Yea, you know they then became "Chicago" ..... what ever happened to them? After about their 4th LP the really took a dive, IMHO)
Thoughts & suggestions, oh great audiophiles!

Thanks, Greg
You're on the right track with the Analysis Plus line. Their Oval 9 speaker cables are superb and at your price range (used) depending on the length needed.
I've had great success with DH Labs Q10, and assuming you need more or less "normal" lengths you can buy 'em new and stay within your budget.
Tried the Oval's on Spendor, Martin Logan, and Von Schweikert. They sounded really bad on everything to me. The AP cables seam to have a house sound that is not to my taste. If you wanted to spend $$$ on name brand cables that will sound different (dark, cold) try Audio Quest. If you want to save some $$$ and experiment try two runs of 12AWG CL-3 rated OFC installation wire to each speaker in bi-wire configuration. It will be very cheap to try and will likely sound better than the AP Oval.

Good luck!
Greg, I would recommend you might put on your audition list a pair of Acoustic Zen Satori speaker wires that you could get for around $400.00 used, which is in your budget range. Their sound is not "fat/euphonic" but very smooth and musical and yet transparent with excellent extension on both ends. I believe they a great bargain when you figure in build quality, sonics, and price compared to other companies wires.
I'm using AlphaCore Goertz MI-2 Veracity on my Spendor 1/2e speakers and they are working out great. You could probably get a set for $400 new.

Greg...I'm extatic that you have posted...you and I are working with similar digs...MF A5 integrated and cd player through Spendor S8e's. I am using Nordost Red Dawn interconnects and thinking about their speaker wire...currently using older generation Audioquest Turquise wire for the speakers. I'll check back to see where you end up...do tell. My Spendor dealer strictly sells Analysis Plus because he feels it works best with the Spendors...I'm a beliver that the wire has more to do with your components then your speakers, but I've been wrong before. Other wires I've tried and liked have included Straightwire Encore II that are a less analytical as well as Cardas Golden Reference (expensive). Best of luck, and do tell where you end up.
Hello Guys,
Thanks for all the input, I knew I could on the wealth of experience here at Audiogon!
Chadlesko: I'll probably try the Analysis Plus first, just to keep the flow consistant with my AP interconnects.
Look I don't claim to know everything but I just bought 4 six foot runs of the anti cable and was blown away. There is plenty of discussion on this cable here at audiogon which is why I went ahead and bought them. They replaced my M2 Monster Sigma Cables and they are a steal at what this guy charges. You would be a fool not to try them at this price and if they don't work out send them back in 30 days for a refund. I'm keeping mine,they really make my Vandersteen 3a Signatures sound spendid.
Try Cardas,Monster or Analysis plus for warmer sounding cables.