Speaker Cable Gurus - Need Recommendation

I have moved my NHT 2.9 speakers (driven by CJ 2250 SS amp via an AES AE-3 pre), and need longer speaker cables. Since the cables cross a fireplace they need to be flat (or very, very close), easy to manipulate, and preferably clear or white. 12 footers needed. Cost IS an object, since $400 is probaly my limit (for now). I listen mostly to classical (orchestral & chamber) and jazz (both acoustic and electronic), but rarely at earth shaking volume, and prefer something that does not limit frequency extension at either end. Am aware of Nordost Flatline/Blue Heaven, but welcome opinions on those vs others. Can you guys help with some more cable recommendations, please?!?


I will give you an answer anyway,

Alpha Core MI2 Veracity (NOT Python) is flat, though copper colored, and better than the Nordost IMO, with a very natural tone, really nice for the money
alot depends on what type of sound you are looking for.

are you looking for a warm cable with bloom
fast/transparent cable that images ?

most cables fall into one of those camps.

hope that helps !!

I second Alpha Core Goertz MI 2's, excellent cable. Very natural sounding with a big fat midrange.
I recently had the pleasure to try out the new Carolina Audio speaker cables and digital interconnects, and much to my surprise, my Kestrals really came to life. Although they are not flat, they are quite thin. Have you thought of going through the floor, under the fireplace, and back up on the other side.

There is a remarkably clear sense of musical timing and spaciousness that is a joy to listen too. The bottom end went deeper, and tighter. The mid range really opened up, vocals remained clear and sweet, but the level of detail and depth of soundstage really stunned me. I have a small room and the sound was just so huge I thought the walls were stretching! The upper midrange and highs really expanded without any loss of coherency, clarity without strain. On the whole, depth of soundstage, super tight yet coherent extension in the bass, and detail like I have not heard. I’m not joking when I say that I heard things in my music that I have never heard before. These are very natural sounding cables and interconnects.

Basically I’ve just had a blast re-listening to my collection. From Beethovens' 9th, with John Gardner, Lucinda Williams Car Wheels on a Gravel Road, Steely Dan’s, Aja, Diana Krall’s Live in Paris, (unreal ambience) & Miles Davis’s Bags Groove, (when was that recorded!?!) Like you I don't listen at really loud volumes.

It’s just silly not to try these cables, you won’t believe what you’ve been missing.