Speaker cable frustration for Merlin vsm mme

New owner of Merlin vsm mme, I am now using Straightwire Symphony speaker cables I bought with my other speakers.
I'm not sure what to believe about speaker cables except that I think a good gage copper cable should do the trick. I just dont see spending a fortune on cables like Cardas presence which are recommended for this speaker but cost alot more than I was willing to dish out (a few Thousand)
So my question is, I see cables like Morrow audio sp4 speaker cables that cost about $400.00 I can live with that for example. Anyone find a good solution to this?
Thank you
Get Tellurium Q Blue cable. About $180 for 3 meters. This stuff is the real deal
I'am not familiar with your speakers, but I am a Morrow convert, I am currently using both the Morrow interconnects (MA6 xlr) and recently upgraded form the SP6 to the SP7 speaker wire. I demo-ed a # of cables (cardas, nordost, analysis plus, harmonic technology) many models costing significantly more than the Morrows and kept coming back to Morrow. Mike is very easy to work with I believe he still offers a 30 day trial (do take the break in recommendations seriously). I have the Dali Helicon mkiis and am very happy with my current cable setup. A friend had turned me on to Morrow he had just switched from the MA4s to the MA6s and felt it was well worth the price difference. There are a # of positive reviews on Audigon regarding Morrows. Good Luck
Yes, I have VSM-MXe, and moved from all CGR to Morrow
I started out from MA4 + SP4 , now moved up to MA6 + SP6
Very detail and not as warm as CGR which perfectly match with my all tube gears
Mllucyk, you have some serious gear, I'm glad you chimed in, I'm seriously thinking of trying the sp4-6.
thanks for the info.
wow nice reviews,
thank you
Try supra classic 6 with the supra spades.
Hi Bobby,
Glad to hear from you, I'll look into the Supra classic 6.
Cant wait till your finished with my vsm center speaker.
Thank you
another vote for Morrow audio,
thank you
I use Anti-Cables, $80 for an 8 foot pair. I have Merlin VSM-MXe's paired with a Joule Electra VZN-80 amplifier. I compared the Anti-Cables extensively with JPS SC3, Audience AU24, and Virtual Dynamics Revelation. While each of these cables seem a tad more transparent, the Anti-Cables are more natural sounding in my system, in my room, to my ears. One thing in particular is that the bass snaps into place better than the other cables that I tried. There is a better sense of fullness, richness, and detail to the bass. The other major difference that I noticed with the other cables is that while cymbals are all there with the Anti-Cables, it is not as prominent or forward as it is with the other cables. I like this because it does not sound like cymbals are coming out of the tweeters. Instead they are coming from around or behind the tweeters. This is my personal choice and others may like the sound of other cables better for their system, for their room, and for their personal tastes.

The Anti-Cables are certainly priced right. That said, the speaker cables that I am curious about include the Cardas Clear and Golden Reference cables, and the "e" version of the Audience AU24. I might have to try the Morrow cables too.
the "symbals effect" and detail in the bass sounds great.
Bobby recommended the supra classic 6 I also have Morrow audio in mind.
thank you for the info.
Are your speakers broken in? If not, you're compensating for a sonic trait that could change later, leaving you in the same position.
Yes they are broken in,
thanks for the heads up.
hi guys,
Well so many liked the Morrow cables that I just ordered the SP5 for my speakers and MA3 interconnects for analog music, will see how that sounds for now, Bobby the light ice blue color of the Supra classics just does'nt work with my decor.
I'm so excited to hear them!
Thank you all for your help
Audience AU12e. I used these with VSM's for several years. They were recommended by Merlin manufacturer and I thought they were very musical, although not as revealing as Cardas.
I'm using Acoustic Zen Satori with my Merlin TSM-MMe's. I've been using them for years now and have never had a need to look elsewhere.
Wow..wow...wow, fist I want to thank all you folks that recommended Morrow cables to me.
I am amazed and so happy with the sound change that Morrow cables made for me.
So clear and revealing, the whole system came alive.
Honestly I was skeptical at first I did'nt think that would hear a difference but fortunatly for me I was very surprised at the dynamics coming out of my system, I'm so excited to hear everything again, sound is awesome
Thank you all again!!
Thank you Morrow audio.
OMG!!! It's a miracle!!!!
Costly cables does not mean better sound. I too am using Anti-Cables...compared them to Cardas, Purist, Nordost, Kimber, etc.... all top their lines, and came away with Anti-Cables which sound just so much more natural in my system. Others may have different results with their systems, but I am happy with Anti's
Stringreen, glad to hear that you're happy with Anti-cables, there are so many so many different sound components out there that when you find a good match or combination for your setup then its a win win situation.
For now The Morrow SP5 sound awsome to me.