Speaker Cable for Thiel 3.6

I am using pure silver speaker cables and it sounds just toooooo bright for my personal taste.

Could any experienced Thiel 3.6 owner provide some suggestions?
I'm using mit 750 plus 3, very satisfied, also using mit 330 shotgun ic's. smoooth, dynamic, great imaging and tons of low level information. as you already know this is a world class speaker but synergy is critical to bring out the best. good luck.
I have had great success with analysis plus oval 9 speaker cable. I have used it with Thiel 2.2 and Thiel 2.3's.
No offense, but are you sure it is not your amp or other electronics that are bright? I use silver ICs and speaker cable and have found them to create warmth and less harshness in the highs.
Silver cables sound best on tube gear. Theils are a little on the brite side to begin with. You need to add a cable that has no brite characteristics. Cardas cables are very warm sounding that might solve your problem. Harmonic techs. are very neutral sounding. Mit is good but transparent is better but with transparent you have to spend a lot to get high quality. any of those will work much better than what your using now. Good luck
You know I give good advice and someone gives me -2 people have issues. and that person can go F*** them selves
Don't worry Lev335, I gave you some + points to balance out that idiot. By the way, I use my silver cables with tube gear (pre-amp), so I know your advice is sound.
I don't care for this rating posts. Lev333 did give very good advice to a good question. What's the problem with with that?
I've had the scs, 2 2 and currently 5is. Had great luck with MIT 770 cvt twin (speaker) and 330 med imp shotguns (pre/pwr ic). Also Classe ca4oo amplification. I've found that toe-in can help tame things a bit. Good luck
I have Thiel 6's and use 12 awg Copper Solid Core Irrigation wire. It leans to the dark side which blends well with thiels brightness. All the multi-stranded wire I have tried does a good job but I keep going back to the cheap stuff. Give Romex a try. It cost pennys a foot and if you don't like it, no great loss.
MIT MH-750+ speaker cables on my CS3.6's are the best performers / but / I have not tried Cardas yet.My speakers also sounded a tad bright until I put MIT speaker and inter-connects into the system....Whow, what a difference.
What amp/pre-amp combo are you using?
I used Straightwire rhapsody cables with good results and they can be found for a great price.
I'm using NBS Monitor IIIs on my 3.6s now and it works great.I'm powering them with Krell KRC 3 and FPB 200 w/ EMC1 as source.

Room acoustics and speaker placement needs to be really payed attention to also for the 3.6 to be at their best.
A lot of work I know but once get it, it's very rewarding.
One of the best speakers of all time, period.
Thank you all for your detail and informative suggestions.