speaker cable for Sound Lab M-1

What are people using for speaker cables for the Sound Lab M-1's?
For my A-3s I am using a double run of Tara Air 2.
I'm aware of Sound Lab owners using speaker cables from (in alphabetical order) Analysis Plus, Audience, Goertz Kimber, Magnan, Nordost, Purist Audio, Tara Labs, and TG Audio. I'm sure there are others. I sell some of these.

The Sound Labs are a very coherent speaker, so a cable that does an exceptionally good job of minimizing time smear is desirable. Also, as the Sound Labs have a high impedance in the bass and a low impedance at high frequencies, you don't need a big thick high-current, jumper-cable-type speaker cable. But you do need a cable with very low series inductance, as series inductance will tend to roll off the very top end and rob the big 'stats of some of their "air".

Polk Cobra and Alpha-Core Goertz speaker cables are very low inductance cables. In addition, the Supra Ply 3.4/S had the lowest inductance of any cable in Paul Seydor and Neil Gader's speaker cable survey in the Absolute Sound. But remember, Sean does advise installing a Zobel network at the speaker terminals when using very low inductance cables.