Speaker cable for SF electa amator

Hello. cardas hexlink golden five. van then hull revelation . ???? ..... Ideas, thanks.
Well it all depends on your taste ,but "Sound Factory" is using Van den hull internally. I think the use" The Wind" I hope it helps...... Tommy
Nirvana is the way to go.I've tried many of the popular brands and found them lacking. The Nirvana's are very transparant and should be used with high quality amplification.
The best cable for SF Electa Amator will be Nordost SPM Reference. The other choice is Nordost Red Dawn (much cheaper than SPM but very close). Goertz AG2 is a good choice as well. Do not use any Van Den Hul cables!!! Esotar 330 is not afraid of super treble details and transparency. Van den Hul sound muddy and it lacks transparency. I have the Revelation (above The wind) and use it only for bass section. In any other aspect Nordost is muuuuch better. Martin.