Speaker Cable for Long Runs to Outdoor Speakers

We are having a pool installed and while the electrician is there, I am having him run conduit underground for outdoor speakers.

I am leaning towards powering these outdoor speakers with a 50wpc (class-D) Sonos ZP-100. This set-up would be for backround outdoor listening....not planning on any 100,000 watt Van Halen concerts

The distance from the ZP-100 (indoors) to the speakers could easily be 75' or more.

I do not want to sink more $ into this outdoor project than necessary. However, I do not want to cut corners and compromise the sound quality either.

Naturally, I am concerned about heat from such a long run of cable

Before I go to Radio-Shack for a spool of their largest gauge speaker cable, does anyone have any recommendations for good value, good performance, heavy gauge speaker cable that can be bought in long or custom lengths?

My only other thought, which I am not too keen on, is considering wireless outdoor speakers.

Thoughts? Experience?

Buy the stuff they sell at Home Depot. Looks like original montster cable. It will work just fine. Anyone who says you'll hear a difference between this and the audiophile approved stuff, for this particular application, needs to send me some of what they're smoking.
With the heavy gauge the distance will not be an issue.
I used 12awg Class II speaker wire from HD for a similiar run -- I believe it came in a 250 foot reel for around $60.
Since you don't want to compromise...then run two separate leads (+ & -) of CAT 5 for each speaker. I did this and it worked out wonderfully.
Home Depot sells a great wire that is intended for low voltage outdoor lighting.