Speaker Cable for Krell and Kef Loudspeakers


I have just bought some new loudspeakers, Kef Reference 207/2, to use with my Krell FPB 400CX power amplifier. I currently have Transparent MusiLink Super speaker cables.

Unfortunately, I am going to have to move my system around and will now require, for some time in any case, 7m (23 feet)speaker cables - my existing cables are only 3.5m (12 feet).

What speaker cables would you recommend?

Just as importantly are there some cables you think I should avoid as they are not a good match for the Krell and Kef's?

Any feedback greatly appreciated.


I suggest a free trial of Goertz MI3 or AG3 speaker cables from Alpha-Core.
Excellent suggestion with the Goertz, Kimber 8TC is also a solid choice.
FWIW I have had good results with Cobalt Cable products - They seem reasonably priced to me and perform well with my Krell monos. I never see them mentioned in any threads.
The 8TC is very likely the best buy in high end cables. My Cardas Golden Reference is better but you would need a government bailout for that much, especially if you biwire or triwire. I would get the Kimber in 100' lengths and make up my own.
Reality, Anti, Morrow, Mapleshade, Grover Huffman, Signal.

Those tend to rate better than Kimber or Goertz, but of course it all depends. As for Cobalt they went out of business a while back... probably why no one mentions them anymore.
Thanks for all the feedback.
how's the combo perform? i wanting a build FPB with 207 too
You could go with Transparent Brick cabling or ask Transparent if you could work something out with them to meet your needs...tell them Dave Borda from Pa told you to call them (ask for Brad).
I tried Kimber 8TC with the Krell and Kef's but this combination did not seem to work very well. Even the wife admitted that the system sounded completely different but not in a good way.

In the end I managed to get some 25 feet Transparent Ultra Bi-Cable's second hand on the forum. These sound fine and I am pleased with everything.

I did try a number of speakers with the Krell 400 CX and my Wadia 861SE CD player ahead of buying the Kef 207/2's:

- Sonus Faber Amati Anniversario.
- Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage.
- Wilson Benesch ACT.
- Dynaudio Sapphire.
- Dynaudio Confidence C4.

I was not really tempted by any of the speakers above.

I had the Kef's at home for a week ahead of buying them.

The Kef Reference 207/2's are very deep - until you see them in real life it is difficult to visualise how deep they are. However, they do not seem to be too fussy in terms of placement - they even work quite well when positioned near to the back wall. I have been very impressed by them and there performance does seem consistent with the reviews I have read.

As with any purchase of this amount I would demo them at home ahead of making a purchase.


I have tested Combak Harmonix SLC (Sophisticated Listener Choice) and Combak Harmonix Exquisite with my KEF 207/2 ... SLC on Bass line and EXQ on mid and higs ... they play absolutely gorgeous ... if possible, you should try it ... unbeliavable good.
Hi Paul,
I had to go through similar cable overhaul after I switched the speakers from Thiel to KEF 207.2. I demo'd many before settling down on Nirvana SX for the speaker cable. Other good alternatives are JPS Aluminata or Nirvana Vahalla. JPS although great match is too pricey and Nirvana, although fast and detailed, doesn't give the depth/body of sound like Nirvana. I am sure there are others but for the gears you have, you do need to have good cabling to complete the system. My whole hearted recommendation will be Nirvana SX, coupled with Vahalla Norse jumper cables to get the best of both Nirvana and Nordost. (make sure you ditch the jumper cables that came with the speakers. It is critically important) ;-) I found above cabling changes brought such a life into KEF 207.2. Contrary to some, I find cables as important and you do need to move up in order to fully enjoy what KEF 207.2 can deliver in terms of sound.