speaker cable for HT

Which speaker cable you guys used on your HT speaker system. In 2 channels system I always has same lengths of speaker cable. Does it have to be same lengths in HT?

HT is FAR less picky in terms of basic componentry and set-up. This is why many of the "videophiles" find the extremes that "audiophiles" go to quite "silly" or "over the top". Buy good stuff that offers great bang for the buck and be done with it. If i had to set up my dedicated HT system all over again, it would be done much differently, far simpler and measurably less costly.

Having said that, if you are using your HT system as your primary music system too, use the same care that you would with a 2 channel system. Sean
Agree with Sean. I use my HT as my primary music system. I budgeted more funds and use better speaker cables and interconnects to connect my main stereo speakers and high-end cd player than I budgeted for the DVD player, satellite box and VCR connections. I'm using a pair of 10' MIT T2's for the main stereo pair with a similar MIT T5 for the center channel. My surrounds are wired in-wall with two 35' runs of Liberty 14-4, (14 guage, 4 conductor). I twisted two pairs of conductors together at both ends to effectively get about 12 guage of copper for each run. The Liberty is very economical relative to buying long runs of MIT, AudioQuest or similar speaker cable for the long surround runs.

It seems to work pretty well set up like this.
12 runs of Carol 14-4 with the two pairs attached together (the left+right are actively tri-amplified and subwoofer has its own amp).