speaker cable for Gallo Reference 3.1's

hello. i am seeking suggestions for speaker cable (not too expensive) connecting Gallo Reference 3.1 speakers and a NAD c325bee integrated amp.
also would appreciate suggestions for interconnects for this NAD integrated amp and a NAD c545bee cd player.
thanks so much in advance.
There are no cables that I know of that work better with the 3.1's than any others that are out there. Just do some research and decide what you want to spend and get what you need. Whatever you decide to purchase will probably be to your liking.
There are allot of good cables out there, but I have some experience with both NAD and Gallo. I have found Apature black beauty interconnects and speaker wire to be outstanding with this combination. Apature also has an av-poly interconnect that is very inexpensive if you wanted to spend less on the IC allowing more on the speaker cables, as the black beauty is a little more expensive - BUT NONE of there cables are overpriced, but a "best value" in this industry. I don't know of a particular place to buy these but you can try 1-800-apature / warm regards