Speaker cable for dynaudio C1 signature

I have devialet and dyn C1 sig ,good combination , my Question is any idea about speaker cable???
I've tried many cables, from home brew to several hundred dollars a pair.

Morrow Audio SP4 is what I have now and am very happy. Before the Morrow, I would get good highs but not lows, vice versa.

The SP4 sound good to me from top to bottom with my Sonus Fabers and Usher Audio speakers.

They offer a trial period and fair return policy, also they sell used cable .

Hope this helps!
I've always loved the Tyr2 speaker cable from Nordost when I had C1 Sig's. Another good cable would be the Ansuz ceramic SC. Not sure of your price point so I'm not sure what you're looking to spend let alone what you currently have and why you want to replace them. That said I think you'll get more realistic responses if those things I mentioned are answered.
I have C4s and I think Grover Huffman's speaker cables sound great. They are cheap too. I have a lot of expensive stuff over the years and I think Grover's sound just as good
The newest Cardas Clear/ Clear Beyond cables are a sonic match for Dynaudio. Keep us posted on your buying decision(s). Happy Listening.
I'm not espousing spending lots of money on cables just to make you feel like you have "awesome" cables, but your amp and speakers are of such a caliber to justify cables that will bring out the best in your system. I recommend a call to The Cable Company. They will give helpful suggestions to you and then you can audition different cables at home.
They were helpful to me a few years back when I had C1's with Simaudio I7.