speaker cable for dna1 and avalon arcus

i just purchased a set of avalon arcus and am driving them with a mCcormack dna1. need new speaker cables. any ideas or experience with this setup? am using double runs of kimber 4tc now.
Kimber will mate up OK with Avalon's, I have used double runs of 8tc with my eclipse. Silver tends to blend very well with all avalon products, I ended up using Tek Line pure silver speaker wire. It is the best uncolored silver cables I have ever heard IMO, not to bright either. If you are interested email me and I will give you his number. Tek line offers a great in home audition so you can not loose. Best wishes
Call avalon and check what they use. I think they used Fim. I was told that they are fussy about the cable.
Actually avalon recomends NBS Monitor III cables they are a little expensive though that is why I made the suggestion that I did. NBS Monitor III retails for around $2,400/8ft pr. not exactly cheap!