Speaker Cable for DeVore Fidelity Ref Silverbacks

I am an ecstatic new owner of the DeVore Fidelity Reference Silverbacks in my primary 2-channel system. Associated gear: Ayre DPS TT with the standard modified Rega tonearm and an EMT JSD5 MC cartridge, ARC PH7, ARC CD7, ARC REF 3, and Luxman MQ-88 (colder months) and Nagra PSA (warmer months). Balanced interconnects are Auditorium 23; SE interconnects are either Aud 23 or Nirvana. Using Shunyata power cords and a Shunyata Hydra V-Ray. Isolation and dampening via Harmonic Resolution Systems and Finite Elemente.

The last musical hurdle to clear, and I admit it is a lot more important than I believed up until a few years ago, is the speaker cable choice. For those of you who own Silverbacks or another DF speaker, or for those of you who have listened critically to the Silverbacks or another DV speaker, I would appreciate suggestions for speaker cable for my system. I am considering Basis, Chord Signature, and Auditorium 23, and am open to suggestions. For any of you who use one of the above three speaker cables with non-DF speakers and want to share your thoughts, that would also be helpful.

The room is 14' wide by 25' long with 8' ceilings. The speakers are positioned on the shorter wall about 8.5' apart and about 2.5' from the rear wall.

I listen mostly to classical, jazz, blues, and vocals.

As always, thanks in advance for all comments/suggestions!
Congratulations! The Silverbacks are one of my favorite speakers. I've heard them with the Auditorium 23 and would be a happy boy with that combination. You might give John DeVore a call and ask his input. Very personable and seems great to deal with. Your system should sound heavenly. Please post pics!
I have the Super 8's and I must say that the Auditorium 23's
are a must have with DeVore speakers. They just sound right
with the 8's and they are fairly cheap used. They are extremely articulate, detailed and
airy. I have several solid state integrated amps and a
Cary 300b sei and the 23's sound great with all of them.

I am now getting into Synergistic Research. So, I will have
to give them a try. I would recommend to first try their
wall outlet the Tesla plex. I am blown away by the improvement over my Shunyata outlet. DeVores are not the
most holographic speakers so the SR stuff can really change that.
I own the Eventus Audio Phobos speakers with a Pass Labs XA30.5 amp, ARC LS17 pre and Meridian 588 cd. ICs are Cardas Ref Neautral and present spkr cables are AP Oval 9s which were fantastic with my old Martin Logan speakers. My dealer is a Basis dealer and he loaned me the speaker and ICs from Basis and a pair of Oyaide speaker cables also. Doing an A/B/C comparison, of course there was none as the Basis really opened up the speakers. It moved the stage right to front but didn't overpower the frontal stage. Bass was nice and tight and the mids blended well. I listened to Dianne krall and she sounded like she was maybe 3 feet in front of me, it was extreme. As i just bought the speakers, the cables will have to wait but i know what direction i am going. Good luck on your search.
Thanks for the responses so far! I agree that the Auditorium 23 cable is very good with the Silverbacks, but I found the Basis cable to be considerably better. It did everything the Aud 23 did, revealed more detail throughout the middle and upper frequencies, and also seemed to extend the upper and lower limits in a very musical way.

Don Better of Don Better Audio recently acquired a set of Chord Signature cable that is now broken in. He told me that he feels the Chord Signature cable is the very best speaker cable he has ever heard, even better than the Basis. This Saturday (28th) I will be comparing the Basis with the Chord Signature, so stay "tuned" - !
4musical, can you give us some more info on
the Basis speaker cable. I can't find anything
on the web. Is Basis the name of the company
or the wire itself? I am also curious if this
increase in the upper and middle frequencies
makes them more forward and less musical. I also
like vocals so tone is critical for me.

Please do keep us informed on the Chord Signature
The Basis speaker cable is sold by the same "Basis" company that makes high end turntables. Heinously expensive at $5K for a pair of 10-ft runs. I have found their extension of the upper and middle/lower frequencies to be highly revealing (e.g., much more detail) and incredibly musical; not at all forward.

I heard the Chord Signature cable for the first time this past Saturday at Don Better's. I did not do the A/B comparison that day as Don had the Chord Signature cable hooked up to the Auditorium 23 Solovox, a speaker I was unfamiliar with and now am lusting after!

Sometime in the next couple of weeks I will be getting back to Don's to A/B the Basis and Chord cables on speakers I have experience with - DeVore Fidelity, Sonus Faber, and Verity. I will share what I experience.

And again, those Solovox were awfully, awfully good!
HI- I have the Silverbacks with NAGRA gear. I use Argento Serenity Reference. Fanrastic!