Speaker cable for CJ LPS70 and Sonus Faber Cremona

I am looking to upgrage my speaker cables. I have a Conrad Johnson LPS70 tube amp with Sonus Faber Cremona speakers. I also have an Accuphase CD player and Mac tube preamp. My interconnects are Siltech Classic SQ-110's. I am considering Nordost Valhalla or Siltech SQ-188's. But I am open to other cables. Thanks.
Hi John,

This may be off topic but how do you like the sound of of the c-j LPS70 amp?

What amps have you heard before going ewith the c-j?

If you like the Siltech sound, try to get a pair of Kondo KSL SPz speaker cables. Truly magic. I worked my way up the line from LS88 to the Eskay Creek. Went with the Kondo cables and am happily off the upgrade train.

Siltech sq188!!!
or the new Yter speaker cables from Sonus Faber.
if you are considering speaker cables in that price range then you need to audition the pranawire 'cosmos' speaker cables...in my system they are much better then the valhallas' and not by just a little either...alan kafton at audioexcellenceaz.com will get you a set to try without shelling out anything upfront....i doubt you will find the valhalla better...
When you want to compare Valhalla with Siltech SQ 188. you must be joking. I did a lot of testing with Siltech cables. Siltech is filtering an important part in the mid freq. When you use Siltech you will also lose a lot of depth information. When you have the change to compare them both you will hear that a Valhalla is superior than a Siltech. Yess so big is the difference. I did a few times the comparison between the Valhalla powercable and the Siltech Ruby mountain Hill. The Valhalla was every time superior. So much more resolution, low freq. are better focused and there is so much more air between every part of the recording. People have to compare more and better between brands.

The CJ LPS70 projects a lot of detail with a great mid range sound. I had a Mac 402 amp before. I was too laid back. The CJ has a very detailed sound stage IMHO. Thanks.
Hi John,

Thank you! Good Luck with your speaker cable search!

I haven't heard any of your cables mentioned to give you an opinion.
Hi John
I also have the Cremonas and understand how important it is to have the right associated equipment & cables to make them really sing. It sounds like your willing to spend whatever it takes to find the right cables. I certainly can't make a universal recommendation here but I'm very happy with my LAT ic's & speaker cable in my system. I would strongly urge you to check out this link concerning the hi-end cable market http://www.latinternational.com/index.php/home/cable%20hype%20%26%20demystification.html. It will be worth your time. LAT offers a 45 day trial period money back guarantee on their cables.