Speaker cable for BW Nautilus 803

I have bw nautilus 803 driving with ML 332 using coincident cst1 speaker right now it is very good but something is telling me that it can get better looking for pair of single bi-wire speaker cable, current IC is acoustic zen silver and matrix reference souce is Cary CD. Looking for something that is warm and sweet. Any recommendation will be appreicated.
You might want to look into transparent. I haven't heard them myself, but I know a few people that have this combination and they really like it.
I'm using the Coincident CST-1 with N804s and the sound is slammin'. I think you're getting to the point of diminshing returns as far as speaker cable is concerned. Perhaps you should look at the AZ ICs since I've read about some problems with them over on AA. I just switched ICs to the Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista silvers. WOW! The N804s sound awesome with the silver MFs and the CST-1 cable. Think about it before spending big bucks for little, if any improvement,
Thanks for the response I know the transparent will probably be fine but it is too much money especially for bi-wire version, I was thinking about Cardas golden reference single bi-wire had any one using it?
Rlb61 are you using CST-1 speaker cable bi-wire how does it sound?
depending on your budget,and the length of cables you would need,HMS 'gran finale' speaker cables are ,imo, the best out there. i have used cardas,silversmiths',audio teknes',and valhallas'and none come close to what the HMS cables bring to the plate.don't quote me but i think a 3m pair runs about $3k which is about 1/3 what the valhallas' are and are better. just a thought.
Goone -

Yes, I'm using CST-1 bi-wire and it really sounds awesome. No baloney. The bass is deep, big and palpable ... I really disagree with those who claim the 804 is lean in that department. I still think it's the ICs which are your problem.

Do yourself a favor ... call John Rutan at Audio Connection in Verona, N.J. and order 2 pair of Nu-Vista ICs. Connect between source/pre-amp and pre-amp/power amp. You will be shocked by how great your system sounds. Oh, and John has a money back guarantee, so you've got nothing to lose.
Anyone else? What about audioquest caldera,or volcano, Cardas?
Cardas would stay very neutral with the very detailed highs,
don't use a bright cable here

I have 802's I had 803 and 804 I like audioquest sterling on the bass and audioquest caldera on the upper/mid warm and sweet and fast.
Try the Zu Cable Wax. I have them on my B&W N804's and they have never sounded better. I also have AZ ic's on pre/pro to amp. Check out www.zucable.com and click on reviews.
I've got the Audioquest Caldera bi-wire on my N803s and am very happy with the combination. The Caldera is smooth and detailed without getting grainy or bright and has a very balanced sound with solid imaging.
Blackie, what are you driving it with amp and pre-amp source thanks for all the response
I've got a Clearaudio Champion TT and a Linn Genki CD going into a Placette Passive Line Stage (all connected with AQ Viper) and from that into a Rotel RB1080 (next on my upgrade list) to the Calderas and N803s.