Speaker Cable for Avalon Eidolons

I'm looking to upgrade my speaker cables (currently Audio Magic Socerer). My amp is an Accuphase A-50v. I'm looking for a fairly neutral cable as I am not trying to correct any system deficiency. My dealer is recommending Tara the Ones and was wondering what all you "Audiogoners" think.
I would try several cables at once if you are going through a dealer. I found that the eidolon's change dramatically with different cables. I think that Avalon uses Cardas neutral and golden reference cables in their listening rooms. The eidolon uses cardas neutral reference internally. I tried their golden reference ic and didn't care for it. Took too much resolution away.

I'm using supra sword speaker cables with WHG, nordost quattro-fil and valhalla ic's. Note/disclaimer: I sell WHG & supra cables.
I've also tried:
straightwire black silc (fast, detailed & transparent)
transparent ultra's(quiet background, 'processed sound') acoustic Zen Satori's (great harmonics, little syrupy)
Nordost red dawn's (fast, detailed, airy, a little grain).
All of these sounded pretty good.

I plan to try out the neutral reference speaker cables at some point. I've generally found that using all wire from the same manufacturer has synergistic qualities. The valhalla speaker cable's are too delicate and expensive for my tastes.
..i would not buy a speaker cable without trying the HMS 'gran finale' cables.i compared a complete valhalla system with a complete HMS system and liked the HMS cables better.they are that good.christian brouwer is the us distributer and a great gut and gives a 30-day money back guarantee with the cables. i have encouraged 4 audiophile friends to try them and everyone of them bought them saying they were the best they had ever heard. try them..
I use NBS Omega speaker cables with great results (my amp is Pass X350 and pre is Ayre K1; I am mentioning this only because I have not heard your Accuphase which may have a different sound).

IMO, the Omegas are a great match for the Eidolons. They bring out the best in these speakers. The Omegas are very revealing though. A poorly recorded or mastered disc will find little mercy.

If you like a leaner sound or want to keep the spending in check, look for used NBS Monitor 1 (used because the Monitor series has been discontinued).
I'm running my Eidolon's with Alpha-Core/Goertz AG-1 (silver) speaker cables connected to Atma-Sphere MA-2 amps. Its a nice match. But matching the speaker cable to the amplifier is as, if not more, critical than the match of the cables to the speakers.

My dealer speaks very highly of mating the Cardas Neutral Reference (or Golden reference depending on your amp), and I must say the sound in his show room was excellent.
I used Tara The Ones cables with a Rowland 8TiHC and Avalon Opus for about a year. I bought them based on a recommendation from the Avalon dealer who I bought my Opus from. They are about as neutral as any cable I used. Actually the same dealer feels that the Accuphase A-50V in combination with Avalons(Eidolon & Opus)connected by Taras is an exceptional combination. I don't know what you are using for a preamp, if you are using one, but Tara ics are supposedly first rate also. If your dealer will let you audition the Tara cables, at least you'll be able to see for yourself if that's the quailty of sound you like. Personally I liked the cables very much. Are there cables out there that will do a "better" job? Probably so, but that might just be a matter of personal preference. I guess that's why they make so many different cables...just so we have something to look forward to experimenting with. Enjoy the journey!!!
Guys,Guys,Guys---what matters is the cable-amplifier interaction. Its an amplifier cable, not a speaker cable! (Rushton is correct). Call Avalon and talk to them-they've used most cables on the market and who best would know what works with their products? Be wary of other folks' opinions. Some want to push a product they use, but they may not have tried many cables themselves. Some may want to push a particular dealer's products.
Doesn't Avalon recommend MIT cable with their speakers? Every Avalon dealer I have listened with used MIT networked speaker cables and Spectral electronics. Very good match and excellent sound.
Look up & try emailing Audiogon member Cornfedboy (Kelly) he has a pair of A50V's with Eidolon's. I suppose that his dealer (Audio Unlimited in Denver area) would probably have recommended the Tara'a, based upon Kelly's previous commentary in that regard. If you don't receive a response from Cornfedboy then do look up that dealership using a search engine (such as Infospace, etc) & talk to Carl Jerrits or John Barnes. Kelly has previously suggested to me that I use Tara'a with my own Accuphase equipment, although I have been so satisfied with my MIT MH750 Magnum biwire speaker cable that I haven't taken up the idea, although I'm runnning horns, not the Avalons.
Mention has been made above, & I do agree that the speaker cable to amp interface is a significant concern. In that regard, I know from my own experience that my MIT's do match up nicely with Accuphase amps which have mosfet outputs (as opposed to bipolar).
Newton is right'Beware of other peoples opinions". I would try the HMS cables with the 30 day free trial. These are excellent speakers and deserve the best.
The Scandinavia importer of Avalon use Argento with his Avalons. www.argento.dk
About a year ago he used Transparent XXL.
I also use Argento in my system as well. Sadly I have no Avalons, Yet......
Hey Newton, if what matters is the cable-amplifier interaction, why should he call Avalon? He should call Accuphase, no?
I have contacted both Avalon and Axiss (the US distributer for Accuphase) and both are noncommittal.
Manufacturers usually are. They don't want to piss anybody off. Avalon is especially mealy-mouthed in my experience. (Is that the term?)
Avalon use to be heavily committed to FIM. Now that FIM Cables have changed name to Cable Research Labs, perhaps there are reasons unknown for their non-committment?

If you own Avalons, and want to hear the bottom end that they are capable of producing, try the Cable Research Labs or FIM cables. Most Avalon dealers also carry Cable Research Labs. They are distributed by Musical Surroundings.
I agree, generally. Calling Avalon, too, makes sense since they have done extensive testing of amps and cables with their speakers.