Speaker cable for ATC scm 19

What speaker cable do you recommend for this?
I´m using belcanto s300
I´m looking for neutral,detailed and revealing sound.
And a relative low cost too....
I'd suggest copper cable with a decent number of strands (79). A reasonable number of strands will make for a flexible cable and ensure good contact at the binding post (low bending moment on the post and easy to flatten for large surface area contact).

You might consider getting thicker diameter cables for long runs.
Clear Day Solid Core Shotgun or Double Shotgun He advertises here
Tweak1, have you heard the Bel Canto/ATC SCM19 combination?

If not your recommendation is strictly conjecture right?
more experiences?
Now I´m using Atlas hyper 3 with a great success!
I am also using Atlas Hyper 3 speaker cables. It is a neutral cable with balanced sound and excellent bass. The Atlas Questar Interconnects are also very good and offer a wonderful sonic improvement for a modest price.