Speaker cable for amp.Coda and Vivid Audio

Hello all, I have the int.amp from Coda (CSiB) and speaker Vivid Audio V1.5. My current speaker cable NBS Omega I is too stiff, too long (10 ft) and additionall the Vivid runs better with banana plug (WBT terminal). I'm considering a 1-1.5m long speaker cable from PAD or Stealth, but I'm open for other speaker cables as well.
Please advise which one would you recommend and if an adapter for banana plug would work well.

Here my complete system for reference:
power conditioner PS Audio P5, cd player Oppo Digital Oppo BDP-95 modded, Stealth Indra balanced interconnect, int.amp CODA, Vivid Audio V1.5

Cheers and thank you all
Hi. i can´t help you about your request, but i truly want to hear your experience w/Vivid 1.5. Thanks!
I'm using Antipodes Komako shotgun biwire spkr cable with Vivid B1s and this wire is outstanding: very musical yet transparent and detailed, great harmonic overtones and decay. Works well with either tube or solid state gear.
I am very happy with the Nordost Heimdall speaker cable to my V1.5.
Source is a Logitech Transporter into a NuPrime IDA-16. Some of the best sound I have owned,

Nice speakers.  The Purist Dominus Luminist (or even older Dominus models) would be fabulous cables for your system.  The Stealth Dream would also work very well.  In fact, those would be two of my top choices with what you are running.

Best of luck.