Speaker cable for 25 foot run

I am looking at various options for speaker cable for a 25 foot run without breaking the bank. Amp is the McIntosh 6600 integrated and speakers are the B&W 805S. Am considering Signal cable, Morrow and Audioquest Rocket 44. All would be in a bi-wire configuration. Anyone with any experience, comments or alternatives would be appreciated. Would like to keep the budget in this price range (say less than $1,000). I know that Morrow has a 60 day audition period, but I know that most manufacturers don't offer this.
I'd go with the Signal Cable "Silver Resolution." Much better than their cheaper stuff but still very reasonable. My brother uses it tri-wired between Mac 501s and Mac XRT28's with great results. I still use a pair that have gone through a couple different systems, again always with great results.
Try the Morrow. Mike's speaker cables are excellent and work great in long lenghts. They are thin and flexible and have a 60 return poicy.. It's a no brainer... you will be very pleased... I was.
With a run of that length you'll want to be careful with respect to gauge selection, particularly for the low-frequency cable in your bi-wire arrangement.

The 805s spec sheet recommends a maximum cable resistance of 0.1 ohms (which I think is probably a good target value for most speakers). I assume they are talking about one-way resistance, which would mean 0.2 ohms for the round-trip through both conductors of each of the two bi-wire cables.

Here's a link to a wire gauge/resistance table:


A quick calculation from the table shows that you'll want to go no thinner than 16 gauge, and 14 or perhaps even 12 would be preferable.

-- Al
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We make custom length speaker runs and you get your choice of color and termination.

We won Absolute Sound Magazine's Editors Choice Award in 2007 and 2008. They said that we make one of "the BEST reasonably priced cables on the market"

A 25 ft run will put you way under $1000 (near half).

Check out Blue Jeans Cable. Quality products for long runs that wont break the bank.

I always thought size matters with thickness of cables and through experimentation I could not tell a difference.
Try the Morrow cables with 60 return policy. Nothing to lose but maybe a nominal shipping fee... But the experience will be well worth it in the end.