Speaker Cable connection: Jumpers

I recently used Deoxit on my 2 channel set up, and the cotton swabs showed some oxidization coming off. Just last night I moved a bookcase from between the two speakers and put the audio stand there instead, which means I could use shorter speaker cables, from a 12' to a 4' length with Audioquest Type 4.

Anyway in doing this I remembered a tip from an audio site that forgot to try. My speakers have the dual binding posts for bi-amping with a factory gold plated jumper bar installed. I read that instead of connecting to the lower, or bass binding post and letting the highs travel through the jumper, one should connect to the high side so the highs can go straight to the crossover. The reason I was curious about this is my system is somewhat laid back in response, and I had noticed that certain high frequency detail I could hear in my car system was almost not present in the 2 channel rig.

Anyway, I am now hearing those occasional missing details, and getting more presence or "air". So what say you? Does this technique have any merit? Has anyone experimented with this?

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Try putting the negative speaker cable on the lower negative post and the positive speaker cable on the upper positive post.