speaker cable connection

Hello, I received new speaker cables. They are unterminated, just bare wire. One is copper colored, the other silver. Which ones go to the red and black connections on the speakers? My old ones were terminated and colored red and black so I'm unfamiliar with this. 
Copper to the red, silver to the black. With that cable. Either way as long as it's all the same way. BUT for ease copper / RED, silver / black. I'd use SOOW or SJOOW before that though.. 99.999 copper #18-8, pick your size.. US materials.. I use it all the time on passive sub cables.

Thank  you, I appreciate your help
IN PHASE: always make sure both ends (amp and speaker), and both speakers are the same + and -

I will. Thank you for the help. It is appreciated.
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Bare wire is the worst connection good luck though.
ebm8. I agree, I didnt order the speaker cable myself but I didnt make it clear to my brother who ordered the speaker cables to make sure the ends arent bare wire. I called the company where he got it from and the person said that he would correct it  without  charge. 
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