Speaker Cable Burn in Companies

Looking for a US company that will burn-in a pair of new speaker cables I send them...Found a couple of places in Canada but prefer to keep it within the US...Thanks!
No one in the us ?  I am going to create one.  Please Stay tuned.
Since you have money for new speaker cables, why can't you pay me the $50 you owe me since August of 2016 ?
Send the cables to me, I'll burn them in for you. My price is very reasonable. 

Instead of paying for shipping and for someone to burn-in your cables, why don't you just connect them to your system and let the music play? Oh yeah, pay benjie the $50.00 you owe him !!!!!
Try Alan Kafton at Audiodharma, the manufacturer of the Cable Cooker.  He's on the web.

(And please settle your debt with benjie>)
How about getting in a Purist Audio Design System Enhancer disc to not only burn in the speaker cables but damage.your system to boot. One hour playing that disc is designed to yield 5 hours of music playing burn-in.

Gotta pay Benjie 1st!!

@aniwolfe Well played.

As above-
Alan Kafton is in AZ.
One of these days I would like to have a cable cooker but maybe I can talk my local audio club into buying one. We could pass it around.

I have enjoyed buying and selling components, cables, etc. to this outstanding community. I have never had a problem so thank you to the 99% of you with complete integrity.
Just get the xlo burn in cd, pay Benjie his $50 but don't send your cable to Him, you and your cable might get burn....
I would like to thank all of the members here for their support, emails and messages. Brad Greenspan aka bradster56 still has not responded and I doubt that he will. He has given me all kinds of excuses over the last 6 months on why he could not pay me the balance owed from no cash flow to family crisis to hurricane Matthew. It has been months now since he last responded to any email or private message that I have sent him. I thought that maybe bringing this issue to light in his forum post might spark a reply from him, but I guess not. I don't know why members would want to offer advice or help to someone like this, but that's your choice. The bottom line is that I am out the money he owes me. Be careful you may be the next person to get screwed.

I guess I just paid another $50 into the tuition of life !
Brad, I think before spending money for burn in.Its right to pay Benjie first...

Thankfully, it was only $50 bucks, but it is distressing that bradster56 is considering a service that would cost that much, at least.
Pay benjie - stand up and pay your debt to a fellow Audiogon member. Then just play music that will do it.   
You don't need that.  Just hook them up and let it play for a couple of days.  Loud volume is not necessary.