Speaker cable brand name -forgot

Years ago, there was a cable company, north of LA, that made cables that were ultra-wide and ultra-thin w/black fabric insulation. Does anybody recall the name? What kind of dynamics did their sc's have? Thanks!
Weber Wire?
I think Music Metre used to make their ICs that way (black cross weave fabric about two inches wide and maybe 1/4" thick) but their speaker cables were more hose like. They were located in Glendale, which is north of LA. That's all I can think of.

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Not the most dynamic but perhaps the best at projecting a sound stage of any I've owned. I had the Signature model speaker cables and although they were obtrusive visually, they were excellent in my opinion.
Magnan is the one. Thanks!
I think Joe is correct in saying Magnan, and while I agree with his impression that they were "...Not the most dynamic...", I too must praise the Magnan's extremely fine sense of realistic stage presence, the most satisfying aspect of its performance.
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Here's a link showing a picture of the Magnan Signature speaker cables.


Just as an FYI: although Magnan is no longer in business, the Cable Company still carries their line.