Speaker cable Audioquest Forest or Argent+ ?


does anybody know the difference in sound between these two Audioquest Audiotruth cables? Which one was the top of the Audiotruth line at the time when they were on the regular market? A second hand dealer has both cables as new ware, at a good per meter price. Since I have no possibility to listen to them before buying, I'd be very grateful for any information from people who know these cables.

My system is a pair of Dynaudio C 1 MKII with a Pathos Logos Hybrid Integrated Amp.

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is there nobody in the community who has experiences with these cables? There is hardly any information on these cables available any more. I would be very interested to learn about the differences in sound between these two cables and how they compare to cables of actual lines in the midprice range, e.g. the Qudioquest Rockefellers. Has their been a big development in speaker cables in the last 10-15 years so that such "old" cables should better be avoided?

Never heard the Forest but I do own the Argent+. Argent is a 12 AWG FPS silver/FPC-6 copper hybrid while Forest is a 11 AWG FPC-6/FPC copper cable. I have compared the Argent to Kimber Select 3033 and preferred Argent.
The audioTruth series in descending order:
Stereophile on Argent; "This has many of the sonic attributes of AudioTruth Dragon, RH´s reference, at a fraction of the price. Excellent dynamics, articulate bass, and good sound-stage depth. Also musically coherent and natural, sez RH"
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thanks a lot. That was precisely what I was looking for. I ordered a set of Argent+, they are probably a bit "faster" than the Forest which are pure copper and the dealer for some reasons charged less for the Argent (10 € per meter) than for the Forest (20€ per meter). Do you have any idea until which year these cables were produced and sold and what their original price was?


April issue of S-Phile; "$1055/8ft pair terminated"
They were faster than the Select 3033 as well.
I found both cables in The Cable Company´s price list for Oktober 98; Forest $695/10ft pair, Argent $1295/10ft pair
Thanks a lot for your help, Hasse. It's great to know in which range they were. So in today's program that's probably more or less equivalent to a Rockefeller or Gibraltar cable though continuous research will certainly have improved cables since then. So now I am looking forward to get the confectioned cables from the dealer and see (or better hear) how they fit into my system.

"get the confectioned cables"

Chocolate covered ? Decadent :-)

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