Speaker Cable and Interconnects under $1000

Hey Guys, new to this forum and 1st post.
Could you please recommend appropriate Bi-Wire Speaker Cables and RCA Connects for this system.

Music is stored as Apple Lossless Files in Toshiba Laptop.
Then a Furutech GT2 cable connects to a Burson HA 160D amp.
Then I have a Primaluna Dialogue Two Intergrated Amp and Proac Tri Tower Speakers.
Wlling to spend about $1000 all up, less if 2nd Hand.
So from Burson to Primaluna and then Primaluna to Proac Tri Towers.

Call the Cable Company(usedcable.com), tell them this info but say under $400 and willing to up it just a bit if necessary for the ideal cable setup. I'm willing to bet you'll stay under $500, maybe way under.
I have Morrow, Audio Art, and Cabledyne in my system plus a few Cardas interconnects. Check those sites for pricing.
Unless $1000 is mandatory, I would heartily recommend the Signal Cable Silver Resolution line, based on personal experience. Save the rest of the $$s and purchase more music with that.

Signal Cable Silver Resolution
Clear Day Cable speaker cables and Silnote Audio ICs