speaker cable and interconnect different brands?

Hi I was wondering if it is ok to use one brand of speaker cable and a different brand of interconnect. Right now I am using MIT 770 twin speaker wire. I am also using MIT from my amp to my preamp. I am looking to get JPS Labs interconnects fro my cd player to my preamp. I tried one MIT interconnect cable from my CD player to my preamp and didn't love the sound, however I am very happy with the speaker cable. Maybe it has to do compatibility issues with my Musical Fidelity NuVista 3D cd player. Should I look into other MIT cables first or try a different brand? Is it ok to use a different brand? Please don't turn this thread into a bashing session for MIT products. I know there are some people out there who don't like MIT cables. Thanks for any opinions or info you can give me.
If you look at the systems that are posted at Audiogon, relatively few use the same brand name throughout the chain (if memory serves). I think that says a lot, considering the obsessive nature of audiophilia (is that a word?). Experiment and see. Naturally, manufacturers believe strongly in their products and that the "consistent" sound they offer is the best way to go throughout -- sometimes that holds true. Sometimes interconnects are one brand and speaker cable is another. Sometimes nothing is the same. Much depends on your specific equipment, acoustics and ear. There are companies (e.g., The Cable Company, I believe) that lets you try cables to see which work best. Usually that's set up so you lose money unless you buy somethng from them, but at least you are buying what you like best. Good luck (BTW, MIT speaker cables were a must for my last system so I hear you).
The brand is just what they stamp on the outside. Doesn't matter a wit. Only the performance matters. (And it's quite possible that different brands buy their wire from the same source.)
It's useful to bear in mind that only a handful of cable manufacturers actually make their own wire, or even assemble their own cable products. Most of the wire is purchased from a small number of suppliers, and many of the cables are now assembled in China or SE Asia. (I realize that some companies, such as Alpha-Core, Kimber, and others, manufacture their products in the US.) Hence, there seems little reason to worry about "mixing and matching" cables with different brands. The sole issue, it seems to me, is performance -- as others above have noted.

Having said that, if you find a brand that seems to perform particularly well in your system -- maybe due to some fortuitous combination of electrical characteristics that have a synergy with your electrical components and speakers -- you might want to stick with one brand. I have recently spent quite a bit of time playing with speaker cables and interconnects, and found that Alpha-Core Goertz speaker cables (MI2 copper) and interconnects (TQ2) work better in my system that any other brand I have tried, so I decided to stick with this brand for most of the important connections.
I think the key is finding cables which work well together, because using cables with similar but not identical characteristics together may give you a better sound than the same type all through the system. I use NBS Monitor 0 digital and speaker cables and Purist Dominus interconnects. The Dominus has a wonderful rich midrange and clear highs, but while full in the bass is less than perfectly clear there. The NBS cables have extraordinary clarity and detail in the lower bass and upper treble, and a fine midrange, but not as good as the Purist. The real key, however, is that they have the same general type of sound--full and rich. I might experiment, for example, with a Kharma cable, which is also similar, but never with XLO or Nordost, which sound marvelous in some systems but would never work in mine as it is now.
You are already on the right path by trying different brands. You do not need to match all same brand or design, just go for what sounds good. If that happens to be MIT, great. If you like Nordost or Purist, Cardas or JPS that is fine too.
I have tried many different brands and I am currently running at least 5 in my music and home theatre set-up's.

The only brand (in my experience) that I like across the board, is Analysis Plus. I have used, and am using their Oval 9, Oval Twelve, and Silver Oval speaker wires, as well as their interconnects and digital cables. By A-B'ing them with other brands, I am convinced that they are the only ones I have tried, where I am sure I am not hearing anything from the cables. To my ears they are absolutely neutral with no coloring.

As I said above, I am using other brands as well. In those cases, the cable choice is to hide or "fix" something I do not like with a particular component, that is revealed by the AP's. For instance, in my HT my current receiver is a 5 or 6 year old Yamaha that used to be the top of their line. With AP's running from it to the 5 channel amp the shortcomings of the receiver are clear when compared to my transport / DAC running through the same amp and speakers. But with Monster interconnects (BTW more expensive than the AP's) I get a more blended sound, softer. The receiver is "hidden" is the best way I have to describe the result.

As others have said above, let your ears be the judge.